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Critters Should Love Elves, Druids, and Rangers


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I am just wondering if all party members need to fullfill at least one of the above conditions in order to not have critters run away (like it would seem very logical) or if it is just enough that one in the party fits the requirements ?


Thanks! :)

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I want to say this isn't entirely accurate, but I don't quite remember as well as I should. The engine really doesn't bother redefining valid objects all the time. If the engine finds somebody for See([2]), for instance, the PC it found is going to be [2] for as long as it is valid (as long as it can be seen by the object doing the See()ing, in this case). So it's more likely that the prey are going to remain passive as long as the first person they saw was <stuff> and for as long as they see that person (since the engine won't waste time looking for another person who's <stuff> if they can still see <stuff>).


But it's been a long time.

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Thanks for your input, devSin.


Truth is that I would rather have a stricter script which would make the critters run away from the party if even one party member is not an elf and/or belongs to the druidic or ranger class.


I believe this should be even pretty easy to implement... :)

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