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Lazarus stolen spellbook quest not completeable

Guest Rondon

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Not sure if this is the correct place to report a bug or not but I just installed your fixpack V1 yesterday and I when i got the stolen spellbook quest from Lazarus went to the boy then to Hectan and when i got back to Lazarus he would still give the same text options as before. I tryed removing the core files fixpack and it fixed the problem and when i removed the 25SPELL.dlg from the override dir with the fixpack installed it also fixed the problem. anyways figured i would let you guys know.

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Yes, Hectan's dialog sets "hectan" global, so this change will replace not only DV but also the global name:


REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT ~25spell~  ~"hectan"~  ~"sarthf01"~


should be changed to something like this:

REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT ~25spell~  ~!Dead("hectan")~  ~!Dead("sarthf01")~

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The death variable check for Hectan is incorrect in Lazarus' dialogue (one of the responses is supposed to check whether Hectan is dead already, but was checking the wrong script name). Unfortunately we're fixing it with too loose of an expression and it's also changing some critical variable names. I've got this fixed locally.


edit: What pro5 said. :)

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