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Gold in inventory


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If I wanted to take party gold as part of a quest, but wanted it to appear in the non-joinable NPC's inventory if the party paid the NPC, then killed the unfortunate NPC, would I need to create a gold piece icon for it, or will it be added to his or her total?


In other words, the party pays NPC 50 gold then kills him or her. If he or she had 6 gold to begin with, how many gold pieces would be on the corpse? If I wanted there to be 56, would I have to create them?



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If you use "TakePartyGold(50)" for the NPC I would expect the gold to be in his inventory:


The same as above, only for gold instead of an item. If performed by a party member, the gold is transferred to that characters gold stat (cre file), and re-added to the party pot when the character re-joins the party." (quote from iesdp)

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The gold is added to the creature's stat and is dropped when the creature dies (which is why you can pay people and then kill them to get your money back everywhere in BG2). (And if you don't want the gold to be dropped if the creature is killed, you'd of course just run DestroyGold() afterward.)


The gold can't be stolen. (To have the gold stealable, you should be able to run TakePartyGold() DestroyGold() CreateItem("MISC07") using the amount of gold you take from the party as the charges.)

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Thanks for the info. That's the potential for behavior that I wanted. I don't necessarily *want* people going around paying NPCs and then killing them, but I'd like to give them the opportunity if that's the way they want to play.

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