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ITM: Header Animation


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The seven helmets currently have the following descriptions:


"H0" 4830h Helm #1 (Standard)

"H1" 4831h Helm #2

"H2" 4832h Helm #3 (Bronze Winged)

"H3" 4833h Helm #4 (Gold Winged)

"H4" 4834h Helm #5

"H5" 4835h Helm #6 (Red Feathers?)

"H6" 4836h Helm #7


Here are some more precise ones:


H0: Small Vertical Horns

H1: Large Horizontal Horns

H2: Feather Wings

H3: Top Plume

H4: Dragon Wings

H5: Feather Sideburns

H6: Large Curved Horns


The last one is bugged. The helmet is displayed correctly on the sprite but the paperdoll image is wrong.



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