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We need a Tutu Cross-Mod facilitator


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Eventually, I'm going to have some kind of chart broken down into logical sections, e.g. ARE, ITM, CRE, BCS, DLG, STO, SPL, maybe even BAM, WAV, EFF etc, depending on how insane I feel like being.


Once this is done, it will be easier to start going through the list and finding which CREs have which DLG, BCS and DVs associated with them, and which are lacking, and which use shared resources. At that point, if anyone is interested in helping, it would just be looking things up in NI.

But you can do a lot of that with the checkers in DLTCEP and NI - as in the link I posted above, which has files with issues broken down by category as you describe. Though that only lists files with invalid values, so something like a dwarf having a race of human wouldn't be (we've been discussing the same thing on PPG - Macready implies he has a number of fixes in the next imminent Tutu release so might as well wait til then anyhow. So does BG1UB for that matter).


Maybe for some of the other things you describe, if the existing checkers don't look for those things, it probably wouldn't be hard to mod them to do so. NI's development seems to be largely dormant lately, so DLTCEP might be a better option (its checkers seem a little more robust too). Then there's the G3 Debugging Suite.


But for the resource you were describing initially... I think it would be useful to have a list of all files specific to TotSC that aren't in BG1. If you have a list of files from both, I could write a query to extract the unique TotSC ones, unless you've done this or can do it easily.

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I would need the BG1-non-TotSC list and the BG1-TotSC list to produce the query, so it can wait til you have that. I don't have a non-TotSC version so couldn't produce it locally. (Would need the same ToB/non-ToB to do a ToB-added list.)

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