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Advice on party, romance problems

Guest Thur

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I've just come back to Baldur's gate and install this mod, which is just great! Congrats.


I plan to blay BG 1&2 with the same character.

My party, in BG1, consist in:

-Imoen ( don't like her that much, but as she's always speaking with the mod, I like it)






I wanted to play the shar-teel romance but I'm a chaotic good ranger, so, as I just read the FAQ, it seems impossible for me. So...

1)Is there a way to set variables to bypass alignment restriction with shar teel?

2)If not, I'll have to drop viconia for branwen to have a romance. But I really like Viconia, who will be in my party in BG2 (and my romance :p ). What is the most fun : keeping Viconia for consistency with BG2 or having a romance with Branwen?


Thanks and cheers

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Were you planning on romancing Viconia in BG2? If so, you might want to hang on to her.


Is your decision to have either Viconia *or* Branwen in the party based on the need to have only 1 cleric?


If you're planning on having Edwin in the party anyway, have you considered romancing Dynaheir?


I don't expect Kivan to get along well with Edwin, Viconia *or* Shar-Teel, by the way, but sometimes a bit of friction is entertaining.


You've got a CG PC, 3 evil characters, one that will follow you no matter what you do, and one CG ranger. You're going to have to watch your reputation very carefully to keep the evil characters from leaving.

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thanks for the answer.

In fact I play a cleric/ranger, so having both cleric girls in the party would be a bit too much, but I might try to get viconia + the romance.


I this case I would remove kivan, but I thought it might be fun to have him, as I suspect interaction beween him and the evil ones.


So, I'm still hesitationg between :

- kivan and branwen

- kivan and viconia ( hum no romance!)

- branwen and viconia

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You might also want to try cycling through the NPCs. Start out with one combo, pick up another, drop somebody, whatever suits your fancy. If you set a fast romance timer, you might even be able to romance Shar-Teel for a while, break up with her, drop her, then pick up Branwen when your reputation rises. Just don't try romancing Shar-Teel if you have Branwen in the party!

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As I always play female characters (it's not like I haven't tried otherwise, I just can't stand too long watching a male face where my pretty femme PC used to be), I wonder what are the prequisites for romancing Shar-Teel. I lasted long enough with a male PC once to get her in my party and travel around a bit, but nothing happened, so I gave up eventually. He was a lawful evil human assassin, I think (not sure about lawful). Something wrong with that? If not, what's wrong? Does Shar-Teel have special sensors for female players? :) Or is it the presence of Branwen or Dynaheir?

It's not like her "men are pathetic" comments bother me. The conversations about men you can have with her are sooo great! Well, they were, untill that time when I told her she was wrong in some pretty rude way like "you're stupid" :p Loaded the game after that, of course :p

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