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BG2NPCs in the Spine of the World (IWD1)


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I'm always interested in the things done for IWD, and I came accross the mention of Blucher's old mod for IWD here:



It does not have character development, just old favorites added as playable characters. It's available here:




(And, well, yeah, I already ranted enough at Banshee why character development will hit the wall with BG2 cast in IWD1/2, even though the idea will have an immediate appeal to BG2 fans).

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For my party, I used Blucher's BG2-to-IwD NPCs.

They all had their soundsets which added some little life to the usual lobotimized IwD NPCs.


- Viconia came with her Magic Resistance.

- Saverok came with his +2, +1HP/hit 2H-sword - yay!

- Cernd came with Firetooth +3 Dagger - don't know how he got it, but I wasn't about to complain. Never left home without it.

- Tashia came with her cat - you could summon it but when unsummoned it didn't reappear in the quick slot. Surprisingly, I stopped using it even before Shattered Hand.

- Imoen came with her charm

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Theoretically, you can shift IWD forward in time to BG times; nothing really changes, it's non-canon. You can add content that say takes off where BG1 left and say it happened before BG2. Or after BG2. Whatever. Only I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I feel that it will clash badly with the game. I think that new game requires new NPCs, no matter how tempting it is to give more of the same. However, I am more than happy to share the coding techniques I am using with whoever wants to do this. Or they can come up with their own work-arounds. It's not difficult at all, just takes patience and dedication. But custom or BioWARE's I think that investing the time into character development of the NPCs for IWD is well worth time and efforts. It does liven up the game significantly.

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