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LuvNalia error

Guest Guest_leonardo watson_*

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Guest Guest_leonardo watson_*

I wanted to install LuvNalia and got these warnings:


[LuvNalia\BAF\BCS\AR2904C.BCS] loaded, 1240 bytes

[LuvNalia\BAF\BCS\AR2904D.BCS] loaded, 1314 bytes

WARNING: cannot find block matching [LuvNalia\BAF\BCS\AR2904C.BCS]

[LuvNalia\BAF\BCS\AR2904E.BCS] loaded, 1165 bytes

[LuvNalia\BAF\BCS\AR2904F.BCS] loaded, 1239 bytes

WARNING: cannot find block matching [LuvNalia\BAF\BCS\AR2904E.BCS]

Override/AR2904.bcs copied to LuvNalia/backup/0/AR2904.bcs, 11041 bytes

Copied [AR2904.bcs] to [Override/AR2904.bcs]


Without BG2Fixpack there is no such error.


Installed game: SoA + ToB + Patch 26498

The error occurs with the core fix installed.

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We modify the AR2904 script to prevent an exploit with the good and evil path and to implement paladins and rangers falling if they take the evil path (AR2904 is the selfish test in Hell).


If you don't care about cheating your way through the doors (I can't even remember the exploit, so I don't think it's a big deal) and you aren't playing a ranger or paladin that you'd want to fall if you do evil stuff in Hell, then you should be able to just delete the file AR2904.BCS in your override folder. Afterward, try reinstalling "LuvNalia" (you don't need to reinstall the fixpack or anything). It will either work or fail somewhere else (if it does fail, post back with the error).

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Guest Guest_Leonardo Watson_*

Thank you for your reply. LuvNalia now installs without an error. In a BGT megainstall it had to be done before NEJ, because NEJ biffs the files. Thats's not commended. I hope there will be no other error.



LuvNalia is the weidu-based version of Arnel's Nalia Romance

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