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Minor glitches


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So, I installed Amber yesterday, and here's what I found so far:


- After Amber's release, the guard Max "has nothing to say to you";

- When the party returns to prison for Amber's bracelet, the guard Ed "has nothing to say to you", until Amber approached him.

It was glaring in both cases - looked like a bug.


- Sometimes, when Amber is about to talk, it doesn't show outright(since she has "Dialogue" instead of "StartDialogueNoSet"), and it looks like her script is stuttering(I send her to pick the lock, but instead, she just keeps stopping, neither approaching the PC nor doing her job). It is rare, but it looks pretty much as a bug. Ajantis has a similar issue in BG1 NPC - it can be quite annoying at times.


- Amber's bracelet: a very tight timer. She reminded me once, and then decided to quit - very fast. I mean, even when Nalia's father is in grave danger, Nalia only leaves after three days. Here it was like half an hour, and we were freeing slaves at the time - was her bracelet that important? It looked inconsistent.

(Also, it might be just me, but I do not enter the Docks, before I am done with the Promenade and the Slums. So I simply won't be able to go there that fast).


- After she quit and said she'd find the bracelet on her own, she stayed in place, never leaving. I talked to her, she gave me a "leaving party" dialogue. I said "no, join", she joined. Not a word about the bracelet or Nick.


- Later, when we headed for the Sea's Bounty, Nick was not there, on either floor, and the barman wouldn't tell us anything, either. The journal entries remained - so we have a hanging quest now.


- During these six hours, Amber never talked to my elven female protagonist, save for her joining dialogue and her bracelet request. She remains silent(save interjections), whereas both Anomen and Xan have already fired four lovetalks each, Kivan talked like six or seven times, and even Jaheira chimed in once or twice. Considering the size of Amber's dialogue files, I was confused. (PC has high CHR, high INT, high WIS, Neutral alignment).

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I think there's a bit more going on here than 'minor glitches', since she's not functioning at all. :D


Nearly everything you've brought up here should work without a hitch.


The duration of the timer is of course something that can be increased; 'Dialogue' instead of 'StartDialogueNoSet' is intentional and it is possible that Max 'has nothing to say to you' after releasing Amber, but that's easy to fix.


The 'not leaving party' and stuttering are strange, though. She should talk to Ed immediately, too. (Though, I might have overlooked the possibility that she's unable to speak - I should look into that). To me it sounds like her script (and possibly the baldur.bcs) is running sluggishly. Do you have a large amount of mods installed? Emptying the game's cache can help in remedying the problem.


Missing Nick has been reported once before, I have to take a look on the old posts to see how that was solved. It might have something to do with the whole quest giving you a headache here.



And yes, if the bracelet quest is stuck, the talks won't start.

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Kicking Amber out of the party and talking to her three times(first two there were PID showing) fixed the problem, thankfully. Now she is talking, which is reassuring.


I have the usual bunch: Fixpack, Dungeon-Be-Gone, Banterpack, UB, D0QuestPack, Kivan, Amber, Xan, Flirtpack, Tweaks. Shouldn't be that much, I guess.

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Sometime ago I found a little but annoying bug. I don't know if this has been reported before but if you have installed both Amber and Rogue Rebalancing mod the bracelet quest is broken because the black market thief doesn't recognise Amber, she only talks about the new items she have (from rogue rebalancing mod). I couldn't get the bracelet and the only solution I found was uninstall Rogue Rebalancing mod new shop and used the autosaved game, everything worked fine after that.

I followed the installation order, installing rogue rebalancing last. It may have been a bug from that mod, but as it caused an error with Amber I'm telling it here.

Hope that this help in something.

Thanks for such a great character and mod, can't wait for ToB portion!!!

Happy new year to everyone!!!

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