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All Soundsets Are RECORDED!


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I am so happy to announce that the very last voice set, SIr Nord's got recorded - great thanks to Berelinde and Matt!


So, now, I am a proud owner of 10 customized sound-sets for IWD2. Obviously I'd like them to be edited to fit the game's volume/quality as closely as possible. There is one problem - I am tone-deaf and I can't for the life of mine tell what the correct volume *is*. Of course, if nobody volounteer, I will give it my best shot, but the result in all probability will be, as the sound critics would put it, "non-optimized".


(Optimistically) If there is a person out there who is interested in editing 430 voice clips... I'll be exuberant to have help with it!

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Hi Domi!


Icewind Dale II is one of my favorite Infinity engine games and i just wanted to say that i have great respect for what you're trying to accomplish here and i am very excited to see the whole thing come together. I think it's a marvelous idea and kudos to you for trying to make the dream a reality. :)



And the reason i posted here is that i can also help you out with the soundsets, as long as it's merely "volume balance" as Ascension64 said. We could perhaps split them and be done faster. What format are these? I have to say from the get-go that i have no knowledge of Infinity engine modding.


I can also help out with other stuff that doesn't necessarily require me to use specific Infinity engine modding software because, as i said, i have no skills. However, any other use you might have for me, please contact me and i will see how i can help :D

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It would be great if you guys can split the workload. The format is ogg, so it's not IE specific. I got Diriel's sounds back from Ascension64, so there are 9 sets left.


As for other help, I really need players - people who'd take a party of NPCs and play through the game with them, reporting bugs :D

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What I am currently doing to Domi's soundsets is:


1. Decode the .ogg files (using a decoder such as oggdrop)

2. Loading up the .wavs in CoolEdit Pro (this is a commercial application; you can use anything similar that can adjust volume, which would be almost everything)

3. Placing a template .wav in one track and the .wav to balance in a second track, so that the second .wav plays straight after the first .wav

4. Listening and checking dB readings between the two

5. Adjusting the volume on the second .wav

6. Repeating steps 4 and 5 till satisfied

7. Repeating steps 3 to 6 for all the soundset

8. Recoding the .ogg files (oggdrop can also do this)

9. Giving them to Domi


This might be difficult if you are unfamiliar with sound editing programs, in which case I'm happy to do the rest of the eight once I am finished with the one I currently have.

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Hey, sounds good. Keep an eye on the "Doing, To Be Done" Thread, once I put in the "OMG, alpha 9 is ready for alpha-testing!" post please, give me a shout, I'd love to start a couple more testers at that point of time.


At the moment I am much more interested in doing IWD2 character pack the best it can be, and I think, I will be more interested in either going to NWN2 or IWD2 doing the IWD2: Chimeras than working with IWD1, especially because the future of IWD1TUTU does not look certian :)


But the good thing is that if people like the idea of making a character pack for IWD games, someone just might do one for IWD1.

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