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Spell modding question


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Ok, well I patched spells.2da with:

COPY_EXISTING ~spells.2da~ ~override~
READ_2DA_ENTRY 1 4 6 ~p4~
PATCH_IF (p4 < 10) BEGIN
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 1 4 6 ~10~

And I verified the right table entry is set after I install the spell. But now when I level a druid character and click on his spellbook, as soon as I scroll from level 3 to 4, I get:

An Assertion failed in D:\BGSourceUpdate_TOTSC\dev\chitin\ChVidPal.cpp at line number 1650

And a crash to desktop when I click "OK." Just to make sure this wasn't some odd glitch, I reproduced it. And when I do this install without patching spells.2da, I get no CTD - just the spell doesn't show up on the druid's level 4 page.


I googled the error message and the only thing remotely similar is here. And it's not all that similar - this has nothing to do with the SoA loadscreen - I'm just trying to add a BG2 spell to BG1.


So my question is: WTF?

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Try forgetting about ADD_SPELL, patching spells.2da, and simply add your spell by overwriting an existing one - E.G.


COPY ~mymod/myspl.spl~ ~override/sppr401.spl~

SAY NAME1 ~Foo!~



and see if this way it'll continue to crash.

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Yeah, I copied it to sppr401 and it crashed too. So I got to thinking that ChVidPal.cpp probably stands for Change Video Palette or something like that. So maybe it's a corrupt BAM - even though I'm copying over and using standard BG2 BAMs which check out in BAM Workshop and DLTCEP/NI ok and have the same format as the BG1 BAMs. So I assigned the spell a different spellbook BAM already in the game, and sure enough, it works with that. I'm still thinking 'wtf' but at least I've narrowed it down... I'm gonna try picking apart the BAM and rebuilding it.

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