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Best scripts for work with Tutu?

Downs Duck

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Just wondering if anyone has seen and tested this?




I am referring to the SuperScripts for BG1 and BG2 down on the page.


Could someone compare them to other scripts:



Yovaneths Saga Scripts










Also, if there are any other scripts I am unaware of (not listed here) feel free to mention them :p



Thank you.

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Err, please don't use them, for your own good.


Reading the readme might answer your questions. :p


Hehe, I know what you mean, I actually mailed the guy and asked him about the uscript made for BG2, and he almost killed me right there and then for mentioning it, because apparently he did not get credited by the author of the uScript, though he greatly contributed to it?


The Readme was a little...weird.



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I apologize. I should have been more clear.


Mods that work by asking you to dump anything into your override or any other folder invite trouble. Not because they contain anything horrible, in and of themselves. I have not evaluated superscripts, and never will based on their manner of installation, but this will overwrite just about everything in your override folder.


This means that nothing you have done to your game, including fixpacks or other mods, will be there when you're done.


In general, mods that work by patching rather than overwriting are better. Again, I am not saying this as editorial comment on the scripts in question, but because of the installation mechanism. When you overwrite, you build incompatibilities into the system. When you patch, you leave more room for mods to play nicely together.


WeiDU is a utility that enables a pre-installation state to be restored if the mod is uninstalled. This means that if you want to get rid of something, just run the setup again, choose uninstall, and your game will go back to the way it was before you installed the mod. When you dump something into the override, this is impossible.


I hope my explanation is 1) clear enough, as I haven't had any coffee yet and 2) answers your questions without confusing you further.

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You could, but I wouldn't. Best to steer clear.


It's a judgement call. There are some really good script mods out there, and I would heartily recommend that you consider those before you consider a non-WeiDU mod. Nothing is worth corrupting your override folder.

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You could, but I wouldn't. Best to steer clear.


It's a judgement call. There are some really good script mods out there, and I would heartily recommend that you consider those before you consider a non-WeiDU mod. Nothing is worth corrupting your override folder.


Ok I won't.


Could you direct me to some other script mods?

I currently have:


yovaneths sgscripts



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Sword Coast Strategems has a nice one, too, and it comes with some very, *ahem*, challenging AI improvements. Don't worry, though, everything is installed separately, so you can pick and choose what you want to install. I love that in a mod.


As this is your first time through Tutu, I might be inclined to steer you more toward playing it straight for a while, before adding any script mods at all. Give the in-game scripts a try first, so you have a point of comparison when you begin to customize your installation more.


About your original question: I hope the code isn't written in the same style as the readme. It made my eyes water.

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Have installed SCS already so...


I *could* install a clean new install of tutu as I have not modded BG1 or BG2 folder yet, and play from there, making a new backup folder for the OVERRIDE, .ini, .exe and whatnot, for each mod added.


I actually did this the first time, before reading the first post in this thread on the order to which one should install the mods.



I deleted the game folder and installed it from scratch after I read the first post here, obviously.



About the code/script:

Made my eyes water too, I almost went into the fetal position in my chair when I read it.

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Hang on, that won't work on Tutu, anyway. It's using BG1 and BG2 resources. Naming conventions are different. You probalby used Easy Tutu. That adds a "_" to the front of BG1 resources, so mods that are designed to work on BG1/BG2 prior to conversion need to be modified to work on Tutu.


That's what I meant about needing coffee.

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SWS does not work with Tutu?


I used Easytutu, it does not work with this either then, I suppose.


Maybe one should update this in the compatibility thread then?




"13.8 Sword Coast Strategems [G3] (should go after BG2 Tweaks: To clarify this: you can install SCS and the Khalid/Monty improvements in either order and it won't break the game. But if you want the choose-proficiencies component of SCS to apply to the modified Khalid/Monty, you need to install them before SCS. TweakPack overwrites the old versions of Khalid and Monty with new CRE files, so it removes the set-them-to-level-zero changes imposed by SCS) "

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SCS is designed for Tutu, so no worries there. Mprilla's superscripts, however, are not. I thought you were trying to figure out a way to try it anyway.


You will not need to do anything special to your installation if you want to run anything on the Tutu State of the Union list, including having a separate one for any reason, unless you really want to have different installations for different games.

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Ah, ok!


Mprilla will have to find another stooge (props to Edwin) to test his script, I am going for WeiDU :p


On the subject of installation I have installed it to:

c:/Program Files/Black Isle/BG Tutu


instead of the usual and default:


c:/Program Files/ BG Tutu



I have created a "!backup" folder on my BG1 install, my BG2 install and my BG Tutu install.


BG Tutu is the only game folder I have any mods to, that means all of the mods (and as you know adding BG1 NPC Project as of a little late :p)


The "!backup" folders include, on all installations:


portraits folder

Music folder

Override folder

scripts folder

Sounds folder







About time to wrap up this thread now. I'll post elsewhere, as to not shit up the forum with my garbage posts too much.

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