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Pick up previously equipped items automatically

Downs Duck

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Could this be done automatically?


E.g., would it be possible to have a book/spell/scroll that one could have in the first inventory slot?


For each save, the equipped items from that save to the specific character, would be saved to the scroll.


Meaning you would just have to press this item the "special scroll" in the loot, and your newly revived character would equip all the armor/weapons as in the last save automatically.


If another character picked it up, it would not work (or the items would be transferred and equipped automatically to the right character).


A far bigger task would be to implement a AutoEquip Button on the panel, allowing characters to click the loot, and press the button accordingly.


I know, I am lazy, where's my beer at?


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Oh. Then yeah, there's an easy solution to that... don't die. :p


It would probably be a scripting nightmare. But I suppose anything's possible (apart from modding the panel with a new button - that kind of stuff is usually OMG HARDC0D3D!).

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At least to the extent that you'll never see anyone even attempt to simulate the behavior you want, what you're suggesting just isn't possible. There aren't sufficient routines to even track a player's inventory, let alone to store it and restore them on resurrection, and I don't see how the custom scroll thing could be implemented (I don't think there's a trigger to even tell if the game is being or was just saved, and there's certainly no way to inject your own code into the process).

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