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Meira and I kept them secret and kept them safe in our PM boxes, but now, I suppose, it is time to unleash these upon the unsuspecting world... and doom it.


// SOA.


// 1.


(not scripted)


Xan: ~You must feel lonely here among us.~

Amber: ~'Here among us'? You better not be implying what I think you are.~

Xan: ~It's just that - <CHARNAME> and I have travelled together for a long while. You, however, must be missing your old friends and companions.~

Amber: ~It really isn't any of your business, you know.~

Xan: ~Of course it isn't. (sigh) And besides, everything is hopeless anyway, including this conversation. We are doomed.~

Amber: ~Somehow I knew you were going to say that. And I don't even know you.~


// 2.


(not scripted)

Amber: ~... and then?~

Xan: ~And then we had to once again descend to the mines. Only this time, the tunnels were not filled with kobolds, but with Iron Throne elite mercenaries. One of them, I recall, was very fond of lightning spells.~

Amber: ~Ouch.~

Xan: ~(sigh) Exactly. Davaeorn's spellbook was not worth our wounds.~

Amber: ~Hmph... You mages and your spellbooks. Don't you ever think of anything else?~

Xan: ~Rarely. I was quite scared for <CHARNAME>: <PRO_HESHE> was... inexperienced back then.~

Amber: ~Was <PRO_HESHE>? To me, <CHARNAME> seems one of the strongest persons I have ever met.~

Xan: ~(sigh) Alas, these days <PRO_HESHE> is indeed a wonder of destruction...~

Amber: ~I think you're exaggerating. I agree that <CHARNAME> has grown powerful, but 'a wonder of destruction'? Isn't that a bit melodramatic?~

Xan: ~Soon, you will see for yourself.~


// 3.


(not scripted)


Xan: ~Amber, you have not travelled the planes before meeting us, have you?~

Amber: ~No, I've never been outside the prime material. Why?~

Xan: ~When I was younger, I dreamt of travelling the planes. Now I understand it is hopeless, of course. But I do wonder sometimes...~

Amber: ~Why do you think it hopeless? The longer I travel with <CHARNAME>, the more likely it seems that our travels will one day lead us to visit the planes.~

= ~Although I *do* wish that we'll never end up on one of those planes that have the habit of devouring anyone who enters it.~

Xan: ~Yes, that would be unpleasant. But I have also read of the beautiful realms of Elysium and Arborea, and of the City of Doors... Knowing <CHARNAME>, however, we are far more likely to find ourselves in Baator, or worse.~

Amber: ~We will see about that. I think I trust <PRO_HISHER> judgement.~

Xan: ~Believe me, our esteemed leader has little say in the matter. Only our destiny does.~

Amber: ~I don't think that's true at all. It is our choices that make us who we are.~

= ~How would you feel if someone condemned you to some dreadful fate before you were even born?~

Xan: ~But I was condemned before I was even born, Amber. Though I still had to seal my fate by claiming the moonblade... and so I did, willingly. (sigh) Perhaps you are right.~

Amber: ~We will get through this, Xan. We will get through everything, and carve our own fates. And *then* you will see I that was right.~


// 4.


- If in the docks, GlobalLT("Chapter","GLOBAL",4)

(scripted, timer after entering the docks on 50(like Kelsey's banter in the bridge district), WEIGHT #-1)


Amber: ~Look at the sails of those ships, Xan. They remind me of puffy little clouds on -~

Xan: ~(groan) Do not remind me of sea voyages... I really cannot stand them.~

Amber: ~Uh... I know what you mean. I have never felt comfortable on a ship.~

Xan: ~Only madness could drive you to willingly put only a splinter of wood between yourself and the ocean.~

Amber: ~The vast depths under the keel...~

= ~I better not dwell on that thought, or I'll be seasick on dry land.~

Xan: ~I sincerely hope that <CHARNAME> does not intend to take us on a sea adventure any time soon. We would all be doomed.~

Amber: ~(Amber shudders uncomfortably.) Not to mention being bored out of our minds when there's nothing but more water on the horizon.~

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Here are Xan's interjections for Amber's joining dialogue and quest:




Xan: It is good to see that all this running around had *some* point, after all. (sigh) If only they would help me retrieve my stolen things as easily...


Xan: Welcome to our motley band, young lady. And let me reassure you: from now on, your destiny is sealed.




Xan: (groan) Worse and worse! Who is next? Me? You, <CHARNAME>? I swear, one day we'll just wake up and find ourselves in Irenicus' clutches all over again.


(If in Trademeet:)

Xan: Stop looking at me like this! The girl is being sold to slavery as we speak, or worse! Come, perhaps Lord Logan shall help us locate her... if she is still alive, of course.

(OR If in Athkatla:)

Xan: Stop looking at me like this! The girl is being sold to slavery as we speak, or worse! Come, let's try to find her in the slums of Athkatla... if she is still alive, of course.

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