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Spell patching


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This is probably fairly easy, but I haven't done it yet. How would I go about patching something in an existing spell's extended effects, like changing its projectile animation? I also want to add a lighting effect maybe. I could just copy over a modded spell but that's kind of sloppy.


Also, any idea what the "Unknown" (according to IESDP) values in the headers represent, like at 0x48 and 0x5C?

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Well, that's the least of my concerns, but uh, thanks for the info. Why do all the spells have different values at these bytes (e.g. 262180, 262214)? I'm asking because I want to change one unused spell to be more like a different one, and they have different values there, so I'm wondering if I should change those too.

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Do what you like to these fields, the engine doesn't ever read them though, so spend little time on them ;)


There's an awful lot of spell patching code in the fixpack to use a template; but basically you're going to be nesting two loops (I use FOR, but WHILE is fine, I do the arithmetic inside the loop definition, Cam does the arithmetic during the operations).

COPY_EXISTING ~aspell.spl~ ~override~
READ_LONG  0x64 "extended_header_offset"
READ_SHORT 0x68 "extended_header_count"
READ_LONG  0x6a "effects_offset"
FOR ("index1" = 0x0; "index1" < ("extended_header_count" * 0x28); "index1" += 0x28) BEGIN
  READ_SHORT ("extended_header_offset" + "index1" + 0x1e) "number_of_effects_this_header"
  READ_SHORT ("extended_header_offset" + "index1" + 0x20) "index_to_effects_this_header"
  READ_SHORT ("extended_header_offset" + "index1" + 0x26) "this_is_the_projectile_field"
  FOR ("index2" = ("index_to_effects_this_header" * 0x30); "index2" < (("index_to_effects_this_header" + "number_of_effects_this_header") * 0x30); "index2" += 0x30) BEGIN
	READ_SHORT ("effects_offset" + "index2" + 0x00) "opcode_for_this_effect"

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