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Dynaheir romance ending *SPOILERAZZ*


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So I am approaching the end of Baldurs Gate. I looked in the dynaheir romance-guide and I see that 3 dialouges takes place after I kill sarevok. I though the game ended after that? Or does it continue now that I have the expansion pack? (never played BG with the expansion before) ;)


So how does it work? :D



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Don't you want to just see for yourself?








SPOILER (if you do want it):








It inserts a bit of extra thinggies after Sarevok hits the floor and only then ends the game. ;)

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We may have to do a fancy "written version" for the BGT side, since it doesn't match up and isn't installed on a BGT game (Plus I want to learn how to do the fancy Chapter Text boxes :) ) so we might need to come up with a slightly altered storyline that allows the BGT transition.


Or, alternately, a "spoiler" text version of the real thing, so someone using BGT still sees the cool Domi-Ending!

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It's easy. I have one for Xan's dream in Xan's romance. Funny thing I don't remember doing it, except for taking the screenshot from BG2 to fake in the dream background into the default MOS. So the coding must have been nothing special. We can do the same for Dynaheir, doing a screenshot/graphics of her character casting and fish out the texts out of the dialogues, surround it with some proze, and on we go into BGT.

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Whhooot! Another opportunity to remind you that U R Da Bomb!


(Which I think is semi-literate young-person internet speak for "Domi, once again you prove your complete and utter mastery of characterization, development, and coding of interesting and involving storylines for the Infinity Engine in an inclusive and supportive way understandable for others"!)

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