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General Info on the Mod


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This mod started as a one day NPC... many days later I figured that it is obviously *not* a one day NPC project. So, here I am trying to put it together. What's included?


- SoA romantic encounters with a secret visitor. Initially all communication will be initiated by him and later the PC will be able to include him in the party... only to loose him again later on.

- The main story line is tightly connected with the male in question personality, so I'd like to keep it secret untill the mod is released

- Hopefully an interesting exploration of the PC's past with some untrivial revelations... Let's say Gorion is going to be in trouble

- All good aligned NPCs will be affected by this relationship... as in becoming dead or corrupted by our evil stranger (please see a separate discussion on who is going to be corrupted and who is going to be murdered)

- Perhaps PC herself will be corrupted as in alignment changed?


*crosses her fingers* Wish me luck!

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After reviewing my designs, I came to a startling conclusion that I have devastated joinable NPC population of Amn like a blood plague. So, the mod will be probably adding five joinables to compensate for the losses.

You make that sound as if creating five new npcs is nothing.

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I just finished reading a book called Dreamland, by Sarah Dessin. It's eerie how much this mod reminds me of that book... not so much the plot or even the details, but just the concept of a dangerous man changing the beliefs of a poor, ignorant, unsuspecting Charname...


By the way, will Charname have the option to kill the Midnight Visitor at any point she pleases?" :)

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@K.Lou of Combs: MV cannot be so much killed as chased away depending on PC's Wisdom/Constitution scores in certain talks.


@Sim: This one is not a deadline dependant one, but I am not sure yet about that particular part of it. I will think on it when everything else is done.

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