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Delayed duration timing mode


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Simple question (I hope):


Suppose I need an effect to apply with 2 sec delay after parent spell was cast, and then to last 12 seconds. I guess the delayed duration timing mode=3 (Delay/Limited in NI) is what I need here.


But what effect field value is duration and what is the delay? There's only one duration field in standard 0x30 effects, at offset 0x0e.

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Unless the EFFs inherit the duration, which they tend to do!


I thought about this when I first read the post; it's quite interesting, isn't it? With everything they implemented in the game, they didn't seem to ever run afoul of this limitation.

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You use the .eff to call a zero casting time spell, naturally (I know you hate having three files for one spell - but it's the only way, isn't it?)


Often when this timing mode is used in game it's with effects that don't need meaningful durations anyway (sound effects); I wonder what they meant to do sometimes ;)

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Shell spells make me want to kill myself.


There are some spells where the duration actually counts, and the delayed timing implementation seems to fit perfectly with what they used it for. I just can't believe that they never encountered a place where they wanted disparate durations for this mode.

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The problem is that they wanted to keep the version 1 effect structure for spells.

.eff files got the necessary field for the separate delay and duration.


And the timing mode for different delay and duration is 6 or something like that.

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