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Wrong internal link in BODHIAMB.dlg

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As far as i can see this is not covered yet:


in BODHIAMB.dlg this state is triggered for active (committed) Anomen romance:


IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 11 // from: 5.4
 SAY #56544 /* ~Ihr tut dies in der Hoffnung, etwas, das Euch lieb ist, zurückzubekommen. Je länger Ihr daran festhaltet, desto mehr werdet Ihr verlieren.~ */
 IF ~OR(2)
Dead("Anomen")~ THEN GOTO 6
 IF ~InPartyAllowDead("Anomen")
!Dead("Anomen")~ THEN GOTO 19


"GOTO 19" should be "GOTO 18", which leads to a line after which Anomen says a line, then leading to state no. 19.


And I wondered why I didn't understand what was going on the first time I played it.

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