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  1. So I manually went to the weidu github and downloaded the latest release and that one seems to be working. So maybe it's a problem with the aur version after all. I can't sit down and test it all right now but if you do so let me know how it goes.
  2. I just tried weidu-bin (242) based on your suggestion and I get the same error you did. Installing [Include arcane spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition] [v33] loading 4 tra files Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [Include arcane spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition], rolling back to previous state Will uninstall 0 files for [stratagems/setup-stratagems.tp2] component 1500. Uninstalled 0 files for [stratagems/setup-stratagems.tp2] component 1500. ERROR: Failure("Unknown function: check_ini") PLEASE email the file setup-stratagems.debug to For help troubleshooting installation problems, go to the Sword Coast Stratagems forum at forums.gibberlings3.net. Using Language [English] Didn't even occur to me that it could be something related to weidu since I'm able to install every mod in my list with weidu-git except SCS. I was thinking on posting on the SCS github/forums to see if anyone has any input. I guess I could try compiling weidu myself to see. I'll post here if I figure it out.
  3. I followed these instructions using a case folded "Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition" steam folder. Everything seems to be working fine, I'm able to install mods with "weinstall" but for some reason I'm always getting the same error when I try to install stratagems. weidu --log "setup-stratagems.debug" "stratagems/setup-stratagems.tp2" [weidu] WeiDU version 24600 Choose your language: 0 [English] 1 [Espanol (www.clandlan.net)] 2 [Polski (Yarpen)] 3 [Deutsch (Leonardo Watson)] 4 [Francais (Mornagest/Isaya)] 5 [Italiano (Stoneangel/Improbabile)] 6 [Russian (Prowler/Silent)] 7 [Korean (Menocu)] 8 [Simplified Chinese (c4_angel/www.trow.cc)] 0 ERROR: No translation provided for @0 ERROR: problem parsing TP file [stratagems/setup-stratagems.tp2]: Not_found FATAL ERROR: Not_found Press ENTER to exit. If I manually edit the tp2 to not require @0 then it will complain with the next translation. I can't check right this second but I believe I don't have this issue if I try to install stratagems in windows. Any idea of what could be wrong?
  4. What a coincidence. It's been a while since I've been able to play with my friend and we decided to rebuild the client with some changes right before moving to BG2. Lo and behold I picked that option to get backstabs with range weapons and I noticed the exact same bug. I hadn't figure out what was causing it mind you, but I'm glad I decided to check over here.
  5. Seems like sound logic. I was wondering out loud because the description didn't match the outcome. There is an argument to be made for Short Sword of BackSTABBING to be piercing instead of slashing since thematically you should be stabbing (piercing) with it and not slashing but then I guess that same logic would apply to all short swords.
  6. I swear modding this game can be a pain in the ass. I really only have EET, SCS, atweaks (minimal), Tweaks Anthology, Rogue Rebalanced, Ascension, IR, SR and some UI mods and that's it. I sometimes wonder if EET is the problem because I have some weird issues. I'm noticing that people that were petrified are called "Statue" once I cure them (including Branwen). The Short Sword of Backstabbing +3 is set to slashing (just checked with Near Infinity). And we have this WEIRD multiplayer bug that only my friend sees (i'm the host) that if the character in the second slot of the party turns into a bear or has an Ioun Stone floating around them, the sixth slot of the party randomly gets those visual effects on them as well. So if Jaheira turns into a bear, then visually glint also turns into a bear. Actually for some reason that sixth slot always bugs out for my friend. The character gets more and more maximun HP or sometimes it goes into the negatives. The game also keeps spamming in chat some message when I move items between characters about "can't use contingencies". Or when I level up he says he sees things spawning right next to me then poofing out once I'm done. Maybe, next time i make a modded client I'll try to not use EET see how it feels. That would give me the ability to skip SoD. First time I'm playing it and even though I though I was going to like it, I don't like it very much.
  7. Lesser and Greater. I mean that's how they work in later editions of DnD and even SCS thinks it's a good idea since it has a component for it. I didn't use it because I don't know how it interacts with SR. So far all ability drains have been 1-2 min wait but waiting that long can sometimes hurt my buff duration so I would love to just expend a lesser restoration for it. Not sure what is the difference between lesser and greater to be honest. I haven't got there yet.
  8. After using the Sword of Backstabbing for quite a while, I just noticed it claims to do Piercing damage but the Log says it's slashing damage. I would imagine this is not a bug but intended mostly but the vast majority of items in Siege of Dragonspear are not touched by this mod. I noticed some inconsistencies with description formatting and behavior. Just though I should mention it. I have a little balance feedback. Arrows of dispelling seem to be a little too common. Particularly from vendors. They seem to be really powerful and available in really large quantities at Sorcerer Sundries. If I remember correctly there was something like 20 stacks of 5? Maybe more. I always felt they cheapen the Mage Chess gameplay do they have no save? I always avoid them since I don't like the gameplay so maybe I'm missing something that makes them not that big of a deal. I also feel like arrows of detonation are in the same "too available for how powerful they are" camp. In that same vein, although I'm not sure this is something in the scope of the mod. I am just swimming in wands, and most of them have large amounts of charges. Honestly I'm swimming on large amounts of literally every consumable but wands are just so charged and so abundant that make certain spells almost never worth getting. For example I would probably never get a AoE damage spell with some many wands of fire around. Or magic missile with so many wands of lightning. Or hold person with so many paralization wands. Or fear with fear wands. I guess this is not necessarily a problem. I just wish there were more wands with different effects and less charges than the same 4 wands with over 40 charges combined.
  9. I have a suggestion, would it be a good idea to make restoration spells cure attribute drain as well as level drain? I know SCS has a component to make this happen but I'm not sure how it interacts with SR or SRR. I'm currently going through Siege of Dragonspear and attribute drain is making me waste a lot of time.
  10. Yeah I know that is how it works in vanilla, but based on that description I though SR changed it to be per magic level. Too bad I was really enjoying the idea of dispel magic based on specific spell level. So it just works like good old vanilla then. Is it worth it? Like let's say for a sorcerer. It always felt that enemies were just massively over leveled compared to my character so it never felt worth it.
  11. Can I get a quick clarification on how Dispel Magic works in terms of determining the level? The description claims that it's based on the spell's level that it's being dispelled. So let's say for example that a target has Shield. This is a level 1 spell and I'm a caster of level 3. Does that mean that I have a 70% chance to dispel it? Is it based on caster level? So can I increase my chances with +Caster level gear? Are the spell levels fixed or are they determined by the spell progression tables? I ask because I modded my own and I change when mages and sorcerers get certain spell levels. (minor changes).
  12. I think there is a bug with Arcane Scrolls. It's happened several times so far, if you try to cast AoE spells that normally you would be able to target the ground it will instead force you to target someone. I just noticed it the most trying to cast a scroll of Fear Resist. I know that I'm able to cast the cleric one by targeting the ground and I was expecting the same behavior from the scroll. I'm almost certain I've noticed this before with other scrolls but at the time I just chucked it to me being an idiot.
  13. Thank you, that really helped me understand what is going on. You broke it down really well. Thank you very much it was an amazing read. I think I now understand some of the issues I was having with Slythe's Wife. I was Detecting Invisibility with Imoen, then I was trying to target her with my sorcerer. Since it complained that I couldn't target her with spells because she was under Partial Invisibility I just assumed Imoen couldn't either. What about SR's Mind Blank? What is it's purpose over Non-Detection? Is it just Non-Detection + Mind-affecting spell protections? What is a mind-affecting spell protection? Is it everything that the Greenstone Amulet protects against? (Confers the wearer protection against charm, confusion, fear, domination, ESP, detect alignment, hold, stun, psionics, sleep and feeblemind.) "The subject is protected from all devices and spells that detect, influence, or read emotions and/or thoughts. This spell protects against all mind-affecting spells and effects as well as information-gathering attempts by divination spells or abilities." How does Non-Detection and/or Mind Blank interact with Opcode 221? What can I do to protect my Illusionary Protection spells?
  14. I'm a little confused about the different illusions/dispel effects and I want to make sure I understand what they do. Detect Invisibility: This will make people that I can't see visible regardless of the source that gave them invisibility. BUT it will not dispel illusions (like mirror images or project image) OR it will not get rid of the "Improved Invisibility" effect that makes you unable to be targeted by spells. This effect pulses every round for a set amount. Detect Illusion: This does what Detect Invisibility does BUT it's only a one round proc and it will also dispel the "Improved Invisibility" effect plus Illusions up to level 2 (Reflected Image, Blur and Mirror Image) Non-detection: This will protect your from your Invisibility, Improved Invisibility effects and Illusions to be dispelled but it will still allow the caster to attack you. Oracle: This is just like "Detect Illusions" but will also work on Summoned Illusions like Project Image or other Higher level Illusions like Ghost Armor. I assume dispelling is the context of Project Image means killing the thing. I noticed it also mentions Mass Invisibility, which I suppose it means that Even though Detect Invisibility should make you visible to get rid of the Improved Invisibility effect from Mass Invisibility you need at least Oracle. True Seeing: I can't tell if true seeing dispels stuff or if it just makes me not be affected by them. So if someone has Mirror Images and I cast True Seeing will the images go away for everybody? just me? I guess the point is for True Seeing to be a better (higher level) Detect Invisibility but without outright killing what Oracle does. Mind Blank: This feel like an upgraded Non-detection but, besides the fact that it works with mind stuff like confusion and charmed (the spell description https://gibberlings3.github.io/SpellRevisions/spells/arcane/level-8/mind-blank is vague about it) I'm not sure it what other way is better. Talking about invisibility is this game is confusing to me because of the terms, you have a spell called invisibility, the fact that you CAN be invisible, the spell Improved Invisibility the effect that makes you not be targetable by spells that is associated with Improved Invisibilty, the fact that when you cast Improved Invisibility you are also casting Invisiblity on yourself in a way AND tons of other spells that have invisibility effects but some are normal invisibility and some are improved.
  15. Ah ok, then I think it's pretty good. So far, The ring of invisibility started with 7 charges but ended at 3 and the staff of striking started at 20 and it's now at 25. I'll keep an eye out for more. This is what I mean, not the ACTUAL effect but the "lore" effect above. Like I said I wasn't sure you care about those but I noticed it so I figured I would check. Wow, I completely misunderstood what this did. I though it was actually dispelling my stuff with a chance. They must have been sneaking a dispell magic here and there. Urgg Real Time with Pause combined with 20 enemies giving full verbose logs that I have to comb through every half a second to figure out that just happened can lead me to suck problems i guess. My bad. I'm starting to think I should get dispel magic on my sorc
  16. In my current playthrough I'm only using scales of balance and only for the better weapon styles component and everybody can drink all potions. I love the potion one. The styles so far I like but I have some minor balance concerns with 2 handed sword/dual-wielding vs fencing. Minsc is just destroying everything, he crits all the time and for really high numbers. It's making my assassin friend a little salty that he was to work so hard for 40 hits but minsc just sits there and is super accurate has supper crits and supper damage. Maybe the Thac0 bonus is a little much but I'm not done with the game. The shield one causes a lot of noise and seems to proc more than once per round some times and none other times. Didn't test it very much since I don't have a shield user anymore and enemies don't seem to use this often/at all. Fencing feels weak. I would love if fencing would give more crit or just more thac0. If the idea of being a fencer is to sacrifice damage for precision this is not conveyed very well (so far). Dual-wielding seems good. I also noticed that your changes get reported twice in the Thac0 breakdown. For example it would say something like this Base Thac0: 16 Fencing: -1 Dagger of Venom: -3 Tha dagger of venom should be -2 but it says it's -3 because it's adding the fencing even though fencing is already a separate item. The math ends up correct though, so it seems like it's only a visual bug. Anyway don't want to turn this into a Scales of Balance discussion but I will definitely will try a subtledoctor mod heavy playthrough next.
  17. The name of the person is https://baldursgate.fandom.com/wiki/Krystin. She is Slythe's girlfriend/wife. According to the wiki she has a ring of invisibility but I'm not sure why that would be working differently. I casted "Detect Invisibility" twice and she would disappear after casting a spell in less than 6 seconds. (Also this ring was not in the loot once I killed her btw). Also if she popped for a second and I tried to cast a spell on her I would get the "can't target invisible or sanctuaried creatures" error. I guess it's possible she was also under the effects of improved invisibility and I didn't noticed when she casted it, but I only saw Shadow Door. Shadow Door: So it's just normal invisibility? The description only mentions "True Sight". I feel like the spells sounds a little weak compared to Improved Invisibility but maybe I'm wrong. Haven't tried it obviously. Stuff with Charges: I've noticed some inconsistencies with some charge items (non-wands). Like the Ring on Invisibility sold in Ulgoth's Beard it was being sold with 7 charges even though it's supposed to max out at 3. Once you use the 7 charges it will recharge up to 3. I think there is another item like this but I don't remember. From now on, I'm gonna have a text document open when I play to write down all the questions/feedback I can think of. Mirror Images: So I just tested some more and I think it's wands that are not patched. If I cast skull trap it will ignore mirror images but if I cast fireball from a wand it will hit an image. Horn of Kazgaroth: I don't know if you care about this kind of feedback but the description is off compared on how the item actually works. Claims it works for 60 second but it's actually 30 secs (5 rounds). It also claims it gives "Magic Resistance" but obviously is not. Just flavor text errors. Dagger of Venom: I noticed that it seems the poison ability from this dagger doesn't stack with Poison Weapon (assassin). I only see 1 save vs death. Probably intended but just checking. Spell Deflection: yeah it's understandable, I know the description says how it works so I assumed it would work that way but I though it would also apply to immunity and magic resistance. In my head, if I use magic to conjure webs, then they already exist as a physical object, they are not "magical energy" anymore. So in my head you would think they work like another summon, and not be stopped by anti magic stuff. Now i know how it works so I can deal with it better. Dispelling Screen: How the f..k does this work? Is this a spell I can get in the future? Enemies have it a lot but I don't know how to counter it. Aec'Letec: This is the demon you fight in Ulgoth's Beard once you get the dagger from Durlag's Tower. He didn't use once his iconic Death Gaze attack. I assume you don't touch this at all but just checking if you modded this and if you know if "Death Ward" would've protected against it. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
  18. Yes, it was SCS and at this point I don't remember the mage but so far behavior has been consistent. Mages that cast Detect Invisibility can "attack" invisible creatures under non-detection but are unable to cast spells on them. I have noticed though some weird behavior with companions. If Imoen casts Detect Invisibility her script will "autoattack" npcs that are invisible at the moment but I wouldn't be able to see them and therefor unable to tell her to manually attack them because I can't click them. I think this has happened twice but it was in the middle of a chaotic battle so I might have misunderstood something. I had a rough battle with the mage that accompanies Slythe in the undercellar. She had a lot of the protections you can expect from SCS but she did something that I didn't quite understand at that point. I think she used Shadow Door, I now realize that according to Shadow Door's description it can only be dispelled with True Sight (which I don't have). The weird thing was that she would "appear" cast a spell and disappear again. I might be remembering wrong, but isn't shadow door improved invisibility? I though when you attack under Improved Invisibility you are "visible" to be attacked but remain partially hidden for target spells. Now the thing is, I don't know if this behavior is caused by shadow door or the fact that she has this scripted permanent invisibility? I not sure how that behavior gets to play out. She ended up using her entire summon spell list (btw supper OP npc don't have summon limits *bastars*), ended up having to kill a djinn, efreet, air elemental, several berserker ogres, sword spiders, wyverns. Three party members died until I FINALLY realized that I could solve this issue with a simple web which would prevent her from automatically going invisible again every round if she got webbed. Without being able to cast Secret Word directly (I took your suggestion and only Picked Secret Word instead of Thrust) I was unable to do anything with spells and she would not be there enough time for melees to get to her. She was also protected vs missiles so range couldn't do much. Edit: I'm also finding a little hard to understand the logic behind some of the spell protections. For example Magic Resistance will protect you from a web, from a fireball and from a magic missile, so will Minor Globe of Invulnerability but Spell deflection doesn't work with webs but it will protect you from a fireball? I though maybe the logic was that webs once summoned are a physical object that is not magical but then magic resistance and minor globe still protects vs web and Oil. I guess under that logic then they should protect you vs summons spells since the creatures are magically created. Maybe it's an engine thing, just a little unintuitive from my end. Edit2: Also Mirror Images protects you from AoEs? Kinda odd.
  19. How is non-detection supposed to work exactly? I noticed my thief friend (now with a non-detection cloak) was able to be spotted from stealth with "Detect Invisibility" by a mage and then proceeded to be auto attacked down by Melf's Minute Meteors. It DID seem like the mage was not attempting to cast spells on him, so I assume that it works like a improved invisibility at that point? Can other people see him besides the mage? Can he backstab still?
  20. THANK YOU! It worked, just for other people that might stumble on this thread this is how I did it, (used EEKeeper) just add an effect to the character. Without you mentioning "4" I would've never guessed that since it's not documented on the UI at all.
  21. Would this be a good way to add it? I see 303 but I'm unsure of the other things you mentioned I think I know what you mean Is this what you meant? Wouldn't this just make it so every attack is a backstab even if not coming from stealth?
  22. My friend discovered he can use that werewolf cloak to turn into a werewolf and stealth/backstab with his claws. Pretty funny
  23. I have a couple suggestions, I'm noticing some spells don't clarify very well if they are party friendly or not. As an example you have slow, it mentions "creatures" like 3 times in the description but I know that spell only works on enemies. Another one of the top of my head is silence, it mentions creatures like 3 times and then once it mentions "enemies" I think when explaining the save part. I can make a list if you want me to but I figured I would bring it up. I have a question, my friend (in our multiplayer game) is playing a backstabbing thief and he is complaining a little that with the multiplayer lag and delay and sometimes desyncs finding the backs of enemies is becoming a frustrating experience. I know enemies ignore this rule and they can just backstab from any angle. I was wondering if you happen to know of a way for me to modify a script file somewhere to give players this behavior. Just curious if you happen to know offhand how to do it or at least the name of the script file that I would have to find with nearinfinity.
  24. Thank you very much. For a second I though maybe I made the new client with an old download. SPWI108.spl
  25. Ok so I think Protection vs Petrification still doesn't work. I just had jaheira and misc get petrified by the basilisks. I'm currently doing a multiplayer play through but I would I assume that doesn't matter.
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