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  1. Complain is a strong word for this. Mostly highlighting an inconsistency between the expected result based on the available online documentation and the actual results in game. I don't know how else to look for bugs on a piece of software. Maybe it's just me, but I'm a stickler for video game design that has clear and consistent message for the player to learn from. If the player learns how something works early game, then they should be able to extrapolate behavior of similar features they haven't used first hand before. This would allow them to feel rewarded by making discoveries because the language the game used to communicate was predictable. Having seemingly random changes in rules with no explanation or in-game logic disturbs this balance and nurses a game environment where you don't know why the world works as it does. I would take vague tooltips/descriptions over ones that outright lie any day of the week. I'm looking at you vanilla Protection from Fire spell description. Obviously a lot of this falls through the window when it comes to mods having constrains like engine limitations, modder's time, mod compatibility, etc. Yet I see no reason why not to strive toward this goal when possible. Regardless, at the end of the day, I find it's better to bring it up and either be dismissed or result on an updated readme, than to leave a potential bug unsquashed.
  2. Wait, I'm confused. So are we not able to make ranged weapons backstab? Then why is the component adding backstab penalties to range weapons if we can't make them backstab?
  3. Hmm. My interest in this component was to get backstabbing penalties depending on the weapon PLUS the ability to backstab with thief range weapons. My only option would be to use subcomponent 3 even though it's not there in IRR and I would have to suffer the other consequences. What makes thief range weapons not usable for backstabs then? In vanilla that is.
  4. @Bartimaeus I think there might be a bug? in the second component of the revised backstabbing. I wouldn't think this is intentional but I'm noticing is causing all weapons in the game to become usable by thieves. Except for Composite Short/Long Bows. Unless I'm misunderstanding the component, I though it would add the ability to backstab to more weapons with careful penalties. Didn't think it was necessary to have single class thieves be able to use all of them since multiclass thieves already have access to more weapons and eventually you get use any item anyway. Just checking.
  5. Ok this makes me doubt what I'm doing then. This is my first attempt at implementing something like this. I try to give mages the ability to use short_swords, clubs and crossbows (light) and I'm hoping a simple "if it can be used by thieves and it has the right proficiency then it can be used by the mage". The last couple are sweeping changes that I'm just adding as a final pass on my mod install to make sure if an item can be used by a single class then it should be used by it's multiclass as well. I had a couple instances on my last install where this was not the case and I'm hopping this can work as a catch all net for inconsistencies. Would you say this kind of approach is likely to end in disaster?
  6. Hmm will the item descriptions update for divine items? I can't remember of the top of my head what items would be the worst offenders. Out of both IR(R) and SR(R) I'm a lot more in love with IR(R) conceptually and I would find it really hard to go back to vanilla items. Might be my only option for my test though. Looking at the code of IR(R) I have a couple questions on how it functions. Seems to me that the main component will just replace almost every item in the game with a custom version that is stored in the "itm" folder. Once that is done the other components will patch all items (including vanilla, IR and other mod items) in an attempt to customize them based on the .ini file and the other files with custom values like armor/weapons. Assuming all of that is true. Is the identify_item.tpa not good enough for armors and shields? I've noticed there is some code attempting to classify armor but is there no reliable data point in game that tells you what armor or shield is supposed to be without a user submitted list? Speaking of identify_item.tpa, specifically for weapons. Is using the proficiency offset with some help of strength requirement not enough for all weapons? I've noticed there is a lot of animation checking, maybe something else, I can't look at the moment. I ask because I'm currently making my own mod to change some of the weapon proficiencies and part of that is adding quarterstaves to monks and short/long bows to druids. The way I'm currently doing it is checking all items that have the right proficiency and are also usable by thieves (in the case of quarterstaves) and fighters (in the case of druids). Looking at the IR(R) identify_item.tpa makes me feel this game is filled with contradictions at every step. Weird. The only component I have installed that I can think off will mess with that is the cdtweaks cromwell also knows cespenar recipes. Maybe that's the issue. I don't know if this would be useful, but do you think it would be easy to implement a debugging .ini setting that when IR is installed it will print a tag in the item name/description to clearly tell if this is a custom item or not? I could do a cheats on playthrough of SoD and see if I can spot any that fall through the cracks. Sounds great to me. Sidenote. I hate the death spells. They are so un-usable. For kicks I tried to kill both Firkraag and that Acid Dragon in the elven city. I'm almost certain dragons are vulnerable to death effects since I saw saves but after casting malison AND doom plus 4 fingers of death both dragons saved every time. To make matters worse is not like this is even a valid strategy since I could have killed them much quicker than that I was just toying around with them.
  7. It's been a while but I have a couple more updates. I like what was done to the Ring of Kangaxx. It's a lot more thematically fitting BUT it's also a little disappointing to find "x3 per day Larloch's Minor Drain" on it. It's a weak level 1 spell on the ring of THE ultimate Demi Lich. My suggestion would be maybe "x1 per day Larloch's Energy Drain". Not really an amazing spell anyway and to me it seems a little more fitting that you would find both a level 7 and 9 necromancer spell on the ring. How does IR(R) handle items when SR(R) is not installed? I've been toying around with the idea of having my next modded install to use SCS+IWD spells (+ Mirror Image Fix from SR) but still keep the IR(R) changes. Mostly I just wan to experience it for comparison and I would also like to point out the new spell animations I talked to you about so that you might be able to steal them for SR(R). I might have some free time soon and I might use it to get you the data you needed to update SoD items to work with IR(R). Can you remind me exactly what you needed? The item name file name and the description attached to said item? I was thinking of making a little weidu script that could read all items that start with ~^BD.+\.itm$~ and output their descriptions on a text file. Not sure if weidu is capable of that but I'll look into the documentation to try. Is there any other standard EE item you need for full EE compatibility? I didn't do any EE companion quests in my current playthrough so I'm not sure if you have those covered. EDIT: Should've read the last post before asking about the EE items. Yeah I can understand your issues with it, I played SoD for the first time this playthrough and even though I fully expected to like it, thinking people were exaggerating, I ended up really hating it. Hard to ask you to account for items you don't want to play with. EDIT2: I forgot to add. I noticed Cromwell doesn't have item names updated to match the changes. This was particularly noticeable crafting Crom Fayer. Might be too annoying to update the dialog strings but I figured I should bring it up.
  8. Sigh... thank you. Maybe I should re-read all of the weidu docs every so often. I was so focused on trying to ignore that row when reading/writing the 2da that I didn't consider is always going to happen.
  9. I've been running this code to change some weapon proficiencies: COPY_EXISTING ~weapprof.2da~ override COUNT_2DA_COLS cols READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW read_weapprof 0 FOR (col = 4; col < cols; ++col) BEGIN READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER read_weapprof 34 col val PATCH_IF (val == 3) BEGIN SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER set_weapprof 34 col 4 END PATCH_IF (val == 2) BEGIN SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER set_weapprof 34 col 3 END PATCH_IF (val == 1) BEGIN SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER set_weapprof 34 col 2 END END FOR (row = 31; row < 34; ++row) BEGIN FOR (col = 4; col < cols; ++col) BEGIN READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER read_weapprof row col val PATCH_IF (val == 2) BEGIN SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER set_weapprof row col 4 END PATCH_IF (val == 1) BEGIN SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER set_weapprof row col 2 END END END SET_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW set_weapprof 0 BUT_ONLY This works as far as I can tell but it bugs me that the resulting file ends up with a misaligned table title text like so: 2DA V1.0 0 ID NAME_REF DESC_REF MAGE FIGHTER CLERIC LARGE_SWORD 0 8668 9589 0 5 I've tried many things to fix this, like setting the column requirement of READ_2DA_ENTRY_NOW to %cols% but it ends up the same. I'm learning to use weidu so any tips would be welcomed. Mostly concerned I'm doing something the wrong way.
  10. I get that is a P&P thing and in general I'm mostly in favor of such changes. I just personally find Planetars a little too... obnoxious to deal with and I liked the idea of having like an "Improved" banished spell. How do you deal with them in your game? I would ignore them if not for the fact at any moment a mage could cast remove magic and risk a perma kill on someone without a Death Ward. I guess I could Banish them but it's so rng and their saves seem pretty good. Hmm I might try Globes with that setting at some point. The spell seems pretty pointless as is to me. On another topic. I've been testing Vanilla+SCS+IWD spells and I noticed not only SCS added the IWD spells but there are new spell effects and animations all over the place. Clerics get a new Red looking orb spell and druid's sunscorch got a face lift. Not sure where these spell effects came from but is it possible for you to use some of these on SR spells? Either to make them look better or to use them to distinguish different spell buffs a little better?
  11. Hmmm. Not sure I like that. I might have to edit my sorc spells and change Imprisonment for something else since I literally only got that spell to deal with Planetars. Thankfully the vorpal sword can be stopped with Death Ward but I guess the only really way to deal with them is to spam banishment and hope for the best? Side note. How do you deal with Sequencers with 3 Remove Magic? Last time I fought a strong Lich I learned my lesson and I assumed there would be another 3 Remove Magic sequencer coming from Kangaxx. I was right, unfortunately he still casted it on one of my party members which basically took them out from the rest of the battle. Do you think there is some merit on having an upgraded Dispelling Screen? Maybe having Minor Globe of Invulnerability also protect from dispelling? I think there is a heavy armor that makes me immune to spells 3 and lower. Would that protect from remove magic?
  12. I'm currently in the middle of the Kangaxx fight and I'm noticing that Imprisonment is NOT working on planetars. Is this intended? When I cast Imprisonment I see the same spell effect that banishment has on the planetar and it loops a couple times but nothing happens. There is no save in the chat and the planetar remains active.
  13. Yeah I'm in a pickle. I noticed that if I use the EEUITweaks and install most of the LeUI components that way I am able to use your component correctly. I guess I have to make a choice between using your metamagic system or using LeUI. Maybe @lefreut has any input on this?
  14. I actually uploaded my weidu.log in Might and Guile since this was my second post. I guess you haven't seen my post over there. I'll post it here as well but I'll be making a new client with the purpose to test what exactly breaks it.weidu.log EDIT: Ok I made a new EET client with only bg1ub, BGEEClassicMovies, SoDtoBG2_IU and nothing else. Without installing LeUI the 5th metamagic component works as expected. Installing LeUI before metamagic will pseudo work. It will allow you to pick from spells you currently don't have memorized but it will spend them if they are available.
  15. Darn it. I was hopping it could work if installed on top of it. Not a big fan of the default UI. I'll keep pocking around that and see if I can narrow down the problem. That change to metamagic would be perfect based on how I play.
  16. Summon Familiar: I love the changes you made to this spell. The new icons are good looking and I like the Imbue Spell effect. Not sure this would make me want to use Familiars in a normal 6 person run because of the micro but I could see myself using this for a solo run. I don't mind loosing the passive effect if my familiar is not out because I already have more HP with 3e con values. Metamagic: I have the 5th option installed. Testing Chain Contingency with a Divination Wizard I noticed a couple things. - The contingency UI is different than with LeUI. This seems correct based on what you explained to me on how this component is mostly a UI one. - I can memorize into my contingency any spell that I know even if I don't have it currently memorized. This seems correct as well. - If I try to memorize spells that I currently have memorized it will spend those spell slots as well. So for example, if I have 2 blinds memorized and I try to put 3 blinds into my chain contingency, it will let me but those 2 blinds I had memorized will be spent. This seems like a bug based on how I though this component was supposed to work.
  17. It's up to the player to decide what they want to live with as long they were properly informed ahead of time. Personally I dislike the inconsistency between mages as a side effect of a kit getting to wear all gear while other classes are not affected by this. I think a simple warning to the user of the unavoidable consequences of installing that component would suffice and they get to decide for themselves. In vanilla sleep only works against enemies. I'm unsure what mod changed it to work on all creatures in the area of effect. Just checking if it was this one. Thanks
  18. I started testing Tome and Blood and I found some interesting behavior: - I think the magus sorcerer kit is causing fighter gear to wearable by all mages. This might be intentional since the magus is part of the mage ethos and you might not be able to specifically only flag that kit but if it is intentional maybe you should put a warning for kits that disrupt the game this much for people that might not want to live with the consequences. - Is there any documentation on the component "Rebalance Spell Schools"? I noticed some of the changes but it would be nice to have a comprehensive list. - I'm not sure this is because of Tome and Blood but I noticed my Sleep spell is changed to now affect every creature in the AoE range. I don't think I have another mod that changes spells besides the IWD SCS component. Maybe it's a change caused by Rebalanced Spell Schools?
  19. I'm currently toying around with a new install and I've decided to test some of the features you have in your mods. I did a quick test and I found some possible issues. EET install, added weidu.log in case you need it. This is a rough first pass to testing some mods so it's possible I installed something wrong. I've only tested assassin so far. - The new description for assassin doesn't mention the changes to thief skill per level, or at all for that matter. - The description for assassin is not correctly updated to your new one when checking in-game instead of the character creation screen. - Looking at the feats, the Dodge and Combat Training Feat show up twice in the same list. At first I though it was intentional since both of those can be taken twice but I've noticed other feats that can be taken more than once only show up once in the same list. - The feats seems to be inconsistently tracked in the Priest Spell Book. Feats like Stealth, Thieving, Detection Skills, Lore Bonus, Poison Weapon (toxin) and many others do not show up at all in the spell book. - Feats like Combat Training will not update your damage numbers when you check your inventory. I assume this is because of engine limitations since some items even in vanilla have this kind of behavior but I will never not hate this and will point it out just in case. I'll try to keep testing some more in the next couple days. I might trim down my install to just gameplay mods so I can test and change things faster. weidu.log
  20. It happened to me against the Drow Lich. He used a sequencer with 3 remove magic and then tried to use (probably trigger?) with 3 spells 2 out of the 3 failed to cast according to the log.
  21. Personally I'm in favor of these two. If we are going to stick with the word "Breach" in the description of the spell then I would rather do the exact same thing Breach does. Respecting terminology to keep a consistent behavior will help players make predictions about how a spell works based on previous interactions with similar effects. I don't mind if it's a new effect but maybe we not use the word "Breach" if it will not work like it. Side question, I have been avoiding casting these on liches, but does Secret Word/Spell Thrust/Breach bypass lich spell immunity? Or Rakshasa ones for that matter? @Bartimaeus I'm having a lot of issues with Time Stop. Not sure if this is something related to SR(R) or my install but buffs and debuff keep ticking away while I'm casting spells. I casted Pierce Magic on a lich to have all the Disintegrates that I casted during Time Stop be absorbed by MR because the 2 round effect wore off in the middle of it. Same with Dectect Invisibility. I have been unable to target Improved Invis mages in the middle of my Time Stop because it wore off.
  22. Changing Breach to be stopped by Spell Deflection is in large part what enabled SCS to create more interesting mage combat and the way Pierce Shield currently works seems to go against this philosophy. As far as I can tell there are a couple template that mages will use to pre-buff themselves with. a) 1 Spell Deflection b) 1 Spell Deflection + Dispelling Screen c) 1 Spell Deflection + Dispelling Screen + Spell Shield d) 2 Spell Deflections + Dispelling Screen e) 2 Spell Deflections + Dispelling Screen + Spell Shield As long as you can see through invisibility or have a rogue that can Detect Illusions you will be able to "solve" 3/5 of these with a single cast of Pierce Shield and the other 2 only takes to cast a Secret Word right before it. The problem with that is not that it happens but that I can be sure I can solve almost all my problems with a single spell without reading the buffs in chat or without thinking too much about it. Why would I be incentivized to pick Ruby Ray of Reversal or Khelben's Warding Whip or Spellstrike when they are so close and very much inferior? Spelltrike will essentially silence the mage but breaching their protections will result in their deaths which is much better. It's also a 9th level spell that competes with Time Stop. Ruby Ray of Reversal's only unique concept is to deal with Spell Trap as cheap as possible but so does Pierce Shield and no need to cast anything else because they are dead. Khelben's Warding Whip. I don't care about an enemy that has multiple Spell Protections. My breach will bypass all of them thanks to Pierce Shield. Both 7th level solutions might be 1 level lower but honestly Pierce Shield is worth the wait as a sorcerer. Anyway, obviously it's your mod and it's wise to hesitate. This is likely a problem with base SR more than something that is your fault but that doesn't change the fact that at least from where I'm standing I almost want to remove Pierce Shield from my spell list because of how it works. Making the breach component happen just the same but be separate and therefore stoppable by Dispelling Screen or other Spell Deflections would be perfect in my opinion. @subtledoctor thoughts on this?
  23. I'm not sure if this has already been fixed by v33 but in the current version I'm playing with SRR, golem curse is not stopping the healing from druid's regeneration type spells.
  24. Thanks, that fixed my breach so far. I definitely think you should consider the implications of Pierce Shield. Thanks to it I was able to defeat the Planar Sphere Lich with a single Pierce Shield, even though he had Dispelling Screen and some type of Spell Deflection. He was also unable to get his Time Stop or Planetar off. The poor guy died in 1.5 rounds. Granted I'm probably over leveled for this encounter and I have 3 arcane casters so I could have also overwhelmed his protections pretty easily. I'll keep an eye out for it and give some general feedback once I'm done with the game. Time Stop: Yeah I just tested it in single player in Irenicus Dungeon and I noticed that not only insect plague will tick for damage but the mefhits kept spawning from the machine. I also tested poison dagger and noticed that even though the poison damage ticks stop with time stop, the poison effect will run out while in time stop. Suggesting that even though the character doesn't take damage their debuff timer is still ticking. EDIT: I forgot to add. I also noticed I can use Druid Regeneration through Curse even though Curse is stopping Cleric healing spells. Not sure if it's intentional or not.
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