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  1. Interesting. I did not watch your video, I merely read the description of it. I wasn't sure if it was related to the 'out of offensive spells' issue. Occasionally I have had weird glitchy behaviour with SCS that did not occur again. As it happens, I once saw Davaeorn go catatonic with one of the older versions of SCS (31, I think). He didn't do anything but walk around from the very beginning. However, that never happened again on the same install. Not sure why it only happened once. I've had other examples of isolated weirdness, too, but fortunately only rarely. I was getting the sense that the 'out of offensive' spells issue was more consistent, but perhaps we haven't had an adequate testing sample yet. Thanks for posting and clarifying.
  2. Thanks for clarifying the reasons for your 33.4 install. I did a test with Mekrath in BG2 with 33.7 and can confirm that the bug is there. That being said, and having thought about it, I'm not sure it's such a big deal. Sure it breaks immersion and it would be nice to have it fixed, but in reality a mage is done for when he/she is out of spells anyway. Standing still may be unseemly, but whacking away with a quarterstaff isn't going to delay the inevitable by much - if at all. The only other option for a mage at that point is to flee. And while they still have spells, mages in 33.7 are busy. I think, for now, I'll keep 33.7 unless someone can confirm that the behaviour doesn't exist in 33.4. Your Tome and Blood mod is a potential solution as well - thanks for mentioning that.
  3. Interesting observations. So, to clarify, is the bug affecting enemy spell casters occurring in both BG1 and BG2? And for sure it isn't present in v33.4?
  4. Hi DavidW, thanks as always for your great work. I have an unusual situation (bug?) to report to you that was occurring on my Windows 10 system with v33.3. Despite updating the mod, the version 'identifiers' - for lack of a better word - have been rolling back to v33.2. By 'identifiers' I mean the file names of the extracted mod folders and what's in the weidu log. So, I extract the mod from the .exe (so I can edit the .ini) and everything looks great - v33.3. I install the mod and check my weidu log and, great! v33.3. However, a few days later I look into my saved mods folder and the extracted mod folder now reads as v33.2. And in my weidu log it says I've got v33.2 installed. This has happened twice now. The first time I just thought that I somehow must have pooched up and installed v33.2 again by mistake so I re-downloaded and installed, but now, having just looked in my saved folder it says v33.2, and another peak at my weidu log says v33.2 again. Very strange. I don't know what to make of it, but I thought I should report it. I won't have time to test v33.4 until tonight, but of course I'll do that. In the meantime I thought this might be something you'd want to know about. Thanks, and I hope you're having a great day.
  5. Thank you so much, DavidW, for all your hard work and for sharing this mod with the community. Your work is an absolute delight.
  6. When I cast the cleric spell "Far Sight," nothing happens aside from a graphic of an eye briefly appearing over Viconia. Again, I'm in BG1 via SOD, and the only mod installed other than SCS is Tweaks Anthology v8. Edit: after testing the spell in an non-SOD, BG1 install (with an identical Tweaks and RC9 install) it works fine, so the problem seems to be within SOD, and may not be related to SCS at all. I will try to test the games without SCS when I get the time to see if I can reproduce the bug. It looks like this is a SOD-specific bug. Sorry for the false alarm.
  7. Hi, I've been running RC9 in BG1 via an SOD install. I've been finding random drop scrolls for spells called 'Dancing Lights' and 'Darkness.' I don't have IWD spells installed, and I've never seen these spells in Baldur's Gate before, so I thought I would mention it.
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