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  1. To bad they have claimed a bunch "enhancements" of stuff on BG that still hasn't come true.
  2. Yeah I thought the same thing about the logo although its noticeable it doesn't really jump out like it should.
  3. I have the artists permission.
  4. Alright I spent today doing some edits and improvements. Let me know if you like the new theme. http://kinggoddard.com/development/dokuwik...ku.php?id=start
  5. Yeah sorry it has taken me so long. Just graduated so things have been a little crazy. I want to get it done this week so I will be posting a preview this week to see if you like it.
  6. Yeah, been working on it in my free time. I'll pm you in a bit.
  7. Cool...no that should be enough information to get me started. I will keep you posted. Did you have any design goals in mind?
  8. I would be happy to help out. Let me know if you still need it.
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