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  1. Edit Watchers Keep done, now it is onto Sendai's Enclave.
  2. For those not in the know, Icewind Gate 2 runs the Baldur's Gate 2 game files on the Icewind Dale 2 game engine. The two games have broadly similar formats for their files. Here I will have another stab at Icewind Gate Delta. This is the Delta version of Icewind Gate by Nameless One, not the original version by Wes Weimer. You need both games to play the Icewind Gate 2 mod. Apparently the Delta version is much better than Weimer's original, I have gotten to Watchers Keep without any great use of the console or loss of party members. See my blog "Icewind Gate Delta: Third Edition Baldur's Gate 2" at the Bioware forum: http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/182/index/7672165
  3. Cleaned up Saradush, North Forest and Forest of Mir - The Temple. Now I can do Watchers Keep or the Marching Mountains.
  4. Now my party has reached Saradush. So far, the expansion seems as playable as the SoA part of Icewind Gate 2.
  5. Ishad Nha


    "I'm familiar with BG-Tutu and BG-Trilogy, IWD1 and IWD2, and also had a short glance into Icewind Gate II (though I can't play it since the initial cut scene loops endlessly)." Was that the Beta version or the Delta version. I am playing the latter and am close to Suldanesselar? "It's really not, for one thing, it doesn't even have the ability add NPCs to the party. Nor does the IWDII's engine..." NPCs in Icewind Gate 2 seem to work OK. You allow them to join, you Export their character file, you hit C key, you delete them then you import them via the file.
  6. I am only aware of the Beta and the Delta, I don't know of any Gamma release.
  7. Certainly the Delta does not have a lot of the complications reported in the Sorceror's Place walkthrough for the Beta version. GemRB would be the way to go, you can customize everything to your heart's content. Icewind Dale 2 seems a touch nerfed: no Detect Evil, no working True Sight, no Imprisonment...
  8. You are in luck. Nameless One did a Delta version that is much smoother. I have played through the game and am nearly at Suldanesselar. It plays much more smoothly than Wes Weimer's Beta version. Most of the time you won't be aware that you are playing a mod rather than an official Black Isle game. You can play the ToB expansion too. There are problems with translating a lot of the BG 2 features, Icewind Dale 2 lacks a lot of things found in BG 2. Or maybe they can be scripted but no-one currently knows how. Icewind Gate 2 Blog at Bioware Forums
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