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  1. PS:T runs nicely on Gem, from the bit that I have played so far. I am doing things all over the place so I have little time to play but PS:T on Gem runs just like the original game.
  2. A Ring or Potion of Free Action will totally block a Hold Person effect, even if the save is failed. Ditto kit immunities. There were quite a few problems reported here but there were quite a few with the development of the Windows Gem.
  3. Here is the procedure: Right-click to bring up the radial menu Choose Select Item Left-click on a useful item Right click anywhere to hide the radial menu. Then the appropriate cursor shows! An item must be in an Item Quick Slot before it can be used in this way.
  4. Can't use items, the radial menu is brought up okay. I press the Select Item and an item is highlighted okay. But if I am trying to use Bandages, I can't create the healing cursor by pressing Enter (or any other key for that matter). I tried hot keys to get around the problem but again no luck. On original PS:T items can be used quite normally. I am on Windows 10, is that problem?
  5. Now I have PS:T up and running. I will try that cutscene. In 'Stalling Spectre', EndCutSceneMode() does work to end the freeze. When you close the Console, movement is normal. So you can test one dialog option after another. However, the situation is unchanged... Console reports: [GameControl]: Position: ar1203 [718.828] Look at the dialog and see what might be wrong, DDeions.dlg? The actions of the cutscenes can also be effected by the Console. Console gave some commentary: [DLGImporter/WARNING]: Can't compile trigger: incrementglobalonce("lawful_deionarra_3","global","law","global",1) [unknown]: [streams]: Invalid seek position 5892193 in file DLGFiles.bif(limit: 3274108) [unknown]: [streams]: Invalid seek position: 5467759(limit: 20068) [GameScript/ERROR]: Invalid scripting trigger: incrementglobalonce("lawful_deionarra_5","global","law","global",2) [DLGImporter/WARNING]: Can't compile trigger: incrementglobalonce("lawful_deionarra_5","global","law","global",2) [GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4 [ResourceManager]: Found '1203cd11.bcs' in 'chitin.key'. [GameScript/DEBUG]: CutSceneID was called by nameless! [GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4 [GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4 [GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4 [GameControl]: KeyRelease:32 - 2 [KeyMap]: Looking up key: ( )
  6. The location function shows your party at [Python]: ar0901 [453.204] In Near Infinity look for AR0901 in the list of ARE files. Your cutscene can be ended by a command in the Gem console: EndCutSceneMode() Access the Console by pressing Control + Space If the cutscene is needed to move the party elsewhere, this approach won't work. If not, you are rid of the frozen cutscene. A cutscene is a BCS script. Can't find the help docs for the Gem console?!
  7. You could check the cutscene with Near Infinity or Infinity Explorer. Locating the cutscene can be done by looking at the commentary GemRB generates in the Command Prompt or by a text-search in the BCS files listed in Near Infinity.
  8. Ishad Nha

    iwd2 levelup is here

    If you mean a version of BG2 based upon the Third Edition rules, Nameless One tried that with Icewind Gate. Due to the differences in the Actions available to programmers in each game, the Icewind Gate was playable but did require a lot of patching. See my topics on this matter. Actions available are listed in the Action.ids file. The best hope is GemRB where the IWD2 game can use any of the Actions from either of BG1 or BG2.
  9. You really need someone who played the original PS:T, which I have not.
  10. This mod is not only good for permament NPCs, it is good for other situations. You need/want to take on a new NPC, this requires dumping an existing NPC. Under BG2 you have to send the dumped person back through nasty danger back to a tavern. With the mod you can keep the dumped person safe till they can be returned to safety. (EG, in Brynnlaw, dumping someone to make room for Imoen.)
  11. It is BG2, with Shadows over Soubar installed. I am playing the normal BG2 areas not anything specific to SoS. It seems to be all spells not just a few, though to be sure of this I would need to check every last spell.
  12. Spell casting is causing a crash on a regular basis. Here is a specimen printout from an attempt to cast Protection from Evil: [ResourceManager]: Found 'guisldr.mos' in 'Cache'. [ResourceManager]: Found 'defaults.ini' in 'shared GemRB Unhardcoded data'. [ResourceManager]: Found 'GUIW08.chu' in 'chitin.key'. [ResourceManager]: Found 'stonweap.bam' in 'chitin.key'. [ResourceManager]: Found 'stonitem.bam' in 'chitin.key'. [Control/WARNING]: Nested event handlers are not supported! [unknown]: Cast spell: spcl213 [unknown]: Slot: 12 [unknown]: Type: 2 [unknown]: Spellname: Protection From Evil [unknown]: Target: 1 [unknown]: Range: 1 [Control/WARNING]: Nested event handlers are not supported! [Control/WARNING]: Nested event handlers are not supported! [ResourceManager]: Found 'cgtable.2da' in 'GemRB Unhardcoded data'. [ResourceManager]: Found 'cgabjura.bam' in 'chitin.key'. [ResourceManager]: Found 'chmf4ca.bam' in 'chitin.key'. [ResourceManager/ERROR]: Couldn't find 'wqLAXca.bam'. [ResourceManager]: Found 'wqLH1ca.bam' in 'chitin.key'. This was a problem with GemRB-nmake-vs10-v0.8.2-590-gabeacc8. I am on WindowsXP, Service Pack 3. This was not a problem with GemRB-nmake-vs10-v0.8.2 and earlier versions of Gem, just as well.
  13. Abilities of a notional class could be added by SetPlayerStat, I have been able to add weapon proficiencies via this approach, ditto Thief skills. Must see what else I can do with it.
  14. Last time I checked, you could not level up on IWD2. I did the levelling up in the official Bioware version of IWD2, then I used DaleKeeper 2 and Near Infinity to alter the Gem RB save files. I left some notes on this in the topic: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=25180
  15. Good. "Heh, i wonder why they wouldn't simply set the 'no corpse' flag in the leader if they wanted that. DestroySelf leaves no corpse so that's hardly a bug." LHLDR1E Did not leave anything unless his class script was deleted. When script was deleted he left some items including a scalp worth XP. Apparently he was meant to drop those items? LHLDR2E The Leader left his scalp when he was killed, it was worth some XP. Final mission was a very imaginative alteration of how battles are handled by BG2, it was probably the largest combat in IE history! It was a bit much, I just skipped it. Could not find the eeweiduuninstall program so I had to manually delete everything in the Override folder that was created or modified after the installation of EE. Format of EE is different to BG2, there is no overland map. You are based in a castle and you can only leave to go on specific missions. None of the BG2 shops exist in EE, there are a few EE replacements but in EE the party never has the same variety of items compared to the BG2 game. You find a problem enemy, you look around for the weapon that would solve your problem in BG2 and you don't have it in EE. Extra Healing Potions were in short supply at times, they were never for sale.
  16. Mission 11, one of the two enemy Leaders is killed then there is no corpse and no treasure. This is LHLDR1E, this is due to the Class script, LHLDR1E.BCS: IF HPLT(Myself,1) THEN RESPONSE #100 Deactivate(Myself) DestroySelf() END Mission 12, I sent an Invisible Druid ahead of the party to Heal the Silver Dragon, which was previously Near Death. Mission 13 was something else. Two Fanatics at the start would do Kamikaze explosions if a PC got near. I sent a single PC ahead to soak up the damage. Snipers were tough, especially the last four near the exit. However they had no magical melee weapons, so a Fire Elemental summoned into their loft was able to make short work of them.
  17. Mission Ten, Return Scroll puts party into a cutscene which never ends. I forget the Gem code for ending a cut scene. Problem was custom code: Solution was to use the code that is normally used in exiting a mission:
  18. I am now going back to do Mission Nine, the Monks are tough. It seems that they can be Slowed, Chaos may have some effect too. Cache is never cleared out when I quit the game. When an enemy is killed, if line of sight to his body is blocked by a wall, any items he has won't be revealed by pressing the Alt key... If a corpse is in plain view, the items will be shown by Alt.
  19. On Gem the mod is working quite well so far. Walkthrough by Jub seems to miss an entire sidequest! It is accessed by clicking on the cockpit of the Spelljammer. I had Ctrl+4 toggled on when I noticed this blue zone near the center of the map. This is covered in the French walkthrough but not the English version. Author of the latter was wondering where the Hunter was. In side quest we got all sorts of quest items for reasons that I don't understand. Ihtafeer's head, Dace's hand, the Demon heart... Near Infinity showed the Hunter carrying all this stuff too, it is not a fault in the game.
  20. Yes, they are innocents (Girl, Peasant, Knight of the Order&) until they morph into monsters. You can get a Reputation penalty for every one of them you kill.
  21. No, I wait till they turn into Young, then I kill them. Reputation of 1 is something I can do without. When they are innocents they are stationary, when they are Young they become mobile and move towards the party. Wait till they turn hostile then lure them away from the temporarily still-innocent.
  22. Mission Ten Magic Missile is effective against single Young. Ditto Flame Throwers. Cheating? The instructions for the mission suggest the use of ranged weapons: "Mission 10 - Otherworlds - Difficulty: Hard Our enemy is planning to use a race of other-worldly beings against us. From our reports they are extremely hostile with dare I say it some sort of acid for blood. Try and kill them from long range as getting personal with them will only get your face melted off. To help you in this you will be allocated several flamethrowers for the job. Make sure you are not overburdened before you teleport over as the flamethrowers are very heavy. Several grenades will also be given to you to make your job easier. They are led by their queen, killing her will prevent the bitch from spawning further soldiers. Our own researchers would like to study them, so you must also try to bring back a sample preferably some of the queen's eggs or part of their young. A team of knights was sent over earlier on, but I have not heard from them since. Try to find out what happened to them. They were good soldiers, although I already fear the worst..."
  23. Mission Nine, those Monks are supposed to be pushovers! Instead they make mincemeat of us every time. They have immunity to Slow, some nasty attacks and enhanced movement. Party lacks magical armor and shields, there is no Adventurer's Mart or people selling bonus items. I don't know if Gem has beefed up the Monks or not, I will have to try this on official BG2 at some point. Mission Ten, some innocents turn into weak Young monsters who then turn into strong monsters. Clearly you need to kill the Young monsters before they become dangerous. If you just kill them in a pre-emptive strike, before the innocents turn into monsters, you destroy your reputation. My approach is to lure them a few at a time towards some Skull Traps.
  24. As far as I know, Gem has only the options allowed in BG2? This is not an allowed option in BG2! Thief->Mage is allowed but not Thief->Sorceror.
  25. Thief->Sorceror is legal in PnP but is not allowed by BG2. This is the sort of situation that I had in mind.
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