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  1. "Which one?" 'Thief->Sorceror' "Now we specifically check with levels (except in iwd2, which is much saner) to prevent inactivated dual-classed characters to retain their previous abilities." It occurs to me that 'notional' dual classes are single class in Gem terms. Whereas real dual class have levels in two classes. Your check is a good thing for real dual class characters. You could limit the level check to PCs who actually have an inactive class.
  2. This messes up attempts to create non-BG2 dual class options that are valid in pnp.
  3. New versions of Gem make it hard to customize the Toolbar buttons. I added the Stealth button to the Sorceror but it does nothing at all. The button definitely occurs but it does nothing. This was not a problem with previous versions.
  4. "That's odd, normal line of sight is 30'. Do you know if it works ok in plain bg2?" Here "Line of sight" is a figure of speech, not the official definition of line of sight. Original BG2 is having crash problems with EE installed, any attempt to access the Area Map crashes the game?! Before I can figure out if Wizard Eye works on my official, year 2000, version of BG2 I will need to figure out the cause(s) of the crashes. EE is playing quite well on GemRB. It is a problem in the first dungeon but not in the modded Government District, AR1000. You can aim the Sniper Rifle at a place near the party, this produces a mobile killer Wizard Eye which you can then move to near where the target is. You can't directly aim the Rifle at the target unless you are very close to it.
  5. Wizard Eye does not work properly, its range seems to be 100', which translates to line of sight only. Mission Seven is based upon a version of this spell hence the mission can't be completed in the usual way. I altered the range (of effect of item LHRIF1) from 100' to 10000', everything worked properly. In a side dungeon there is a Shadow Dragon, it has to be watered-down, no energy-draining breath weapon for starters. We don't have the Wardstone to stop him seeing us, nor can we get mass Negative Plane Protection from a Limited Wish spell. Nobody is high enough level to have access to that spell. EE has a format: you use a scroll to go to a mission. There is no World Map, the scrolls are the only way to travel. Hence you don't have the oppurtunity to wander around and gain loot.
  6. Mission Six had two problems (1) The completion of the quest was going into a loop which continually awarded XP. (2) The second version of the Fat Lady never appeared to give the two items as a reward. LH1100C.bcs had to be altered as follows:
  7. Last I heard you can't Level Up on IWD2. I Level Up on the original year 2000 game and then use DaleKeeper2 and Near Infinity to hack the levelling up into the GemRB save files.
  8. I was able to complete Mission 4 easily enough once I reached the (De Arnise) castle in the sky. Mission Five was quite straightforward, it worked as it should. As the party needed to stay out of sight we really could have done with Invisibility 10' Radius... Now I am on to do the vexatious Mission 6, where we have to keep alive unarmed civilians. Edit Mission Six has a malfunctioning deactivate NPCs trigger like Mission Three, that I fixed up. There is still a problem with party not being given a couple of items and NPCs not polymorphing into the creatures that rescue them. I did a Text Search for "LHVIL4", this lead me to LH1502.bcs, I may get an answer there. LH1502.BCS CreateCreatureObject("lhVIL4a",Player1,0,0,0) // Fat Lady 318
  9. Any idea what it does? You may be able to infer this by the context of where it occurs.
  10. For item usage, I use HLA "Use any Item", which is SPCL915: ActionOverride(Player6,AddSpecialAbility("SPCL915")) You rest, cast this spell and it is permament. When I get an item that might be of use to the 'Thief->Sorceror', I manually check whether she can use it, whether it is allowed to either of the Thief or Sorceror classes.
  11. Mission Four is ambitious, it features aerial combat in three outdoor areas before you hit the main dungeon. Not only that, the PCs are mounted on the backs of Pseudo Dragons! It crashes totally for reasons I don't get. GemRB log shows: [Actor/COMBAT]: Damage animation type: 8 [ResourceManager]: Found 'spshkimp.bam' in 'chitin.key'. [ResourceManager]: Found 'spsparks.bam' in 'chitin.key'. [unknown]: Performattack for Elle, target is: Air Mephit [Attack/COMBAT]: (Main) Left: 1 | Next: 746715 [Missed] [CharAnimation/FATAL]: Four frames Animation: unhandled stance: mwyv 8 Main dungeon is AR1304, it is now Chez D'Arnise in the middle of the air, a castle in the sky. I used the Console to get there. Then I jumped to the outdoor stockade in the SW. We needed to meet a Pseudo Dragon there, mercifully he was there, and party returned to their normal forms. Now party is successfully exploring the castle.
  12. Changing offset 94h, "# charges", from 0 to 1 made the scroll work Scrolls have some interesting flags, it all makes sense now: # charges 0 94 h When drained Item recharges (3) 96 h Flags ( Recharge after resting(11) ) 98 h Druid can't cast any other spell while Find Traps is in effect. Ditto True Seeing.
  13. "On use?" Yes, the Scrolls must be used in a Quick Slot before they do the variable setting and hence cause the town script to do the teleporting. "What does resting have to do with it?" It seems that resting, in the same town/dungeon as a given Scroll, stops the Scroll from working at all. (I have no idea why this the case.) If you then use the Console to create a new Scroll it will then work properly.
  14. LHMIS#A Scrolls set a Global variable which causes the town script to start a Cutscene which teleports the party to another town/dungeon.
  15. Playing unmodded BG2 is all very well but Gem won't have arrived until it can play all the mods, BG2 players are fond of their mods. Mod starts with five PCs assigned by LH0602.bcs, one of them is a Halfling Fighter/Thief named Maztica. She has thief skill points spread all over the place, she is all things to all people and nothing to anyone, it is like an Aesop fable. Hence her Open Lock and Find Traps skills are not maxed out, she fumbles all too many traps. She wiped out half the party when she did not detect an Ice Storm trap. I altered the script to create my own party: Abdel Adrian - Human Paladin (Undead Hunter) Reynold - Human Cleric Jorgenheim - Dwarf Fighter (Barbarian) Jaheira - Human Fighter-Druid Imoen - Human Thief-Mage Bryn - Elf Thief-Sorceror Cleric, was going to be a Cleric of Helm. But the mod has no CLAB file for this kit. T -> M concentrates on traps and locks. "T -> Sor" will concentrate on stealth. The T-Sor won't be able to use Thief-only items, don't know if there are any in the EE mod. SPCL915, "Use Any Item", should be helpful here. The Thief class is purely notional. Only Reynold and Jorgenheim were in the original mod. Last three PCs are dual class, this is true for Bryn too, I play by no rules except my own. So far there have been only two problems. EE Mission Scrolls, "LHMIS#A": Don't rest with scrolls in your possession, ditto don't rest with the scroll anywhere in the same town/dungeon, otherwise they become unusable. You get this message in the console: "[GUIScript]: QuickItem has no charges." Then nothing happens! If all else fails, use the Console: CreateItem(1,"LHMIS#A") Here # is the mission number. Maybe it is an item not recharging on resting issue? Mission 2, LH1005A.bcs: Extraction Point script was going into a loop and continually giving everyone 5,000XP! This is the original code: I altered the code as follows: This worked. Maybe "Deactivate([ALLY.0.HUMAN.FIGHTER])" is not working properly for the four NPC Knights of the Order?
  16. It has occurred to me that PCs having "notional" classes have no real levels in the classes concerned. This could be a real pain for those class abilities that have the class level as a variable. One solution is to have the class level variable turned into an absolute number, one class ability per level. (For understanding of notional classes see post #5 in this topic.)
  17. Ishad Nha

    Tool Tip Crash

    Changing name of Composite Long Bow to "Short Bow" made the problem go away?! I will look at the fonts then. I altered the Fonts.2da file as follows: 9 TOOLFONT 1 NORMAL 14 0 0xffffffff 11 TOOLTIP 1 NORMAL 14 0 0xffffffff Now the Tool Tip display is blank, it shows no letters at all. But neither does it crash. Right-clicking will still show the full information screen.
  18. Ishad Nha

    Tool Tip Crash

    Length should be it but the Epic Endeavors "Army Issue Short Bow" is no problem!? I will find the time to mod the item's name.
  19. My idea is to stop the items being removed from the PCs when they start ID, hence they get to keep them. Hence you won't need a container at all.
  20. In AR0602.bcs you find the following: IF Global("TakeImportItems","AR0602",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("TakeImportItems","AR0602",1) SetGlobal("Chapter","GLOBAL",1) ActionOverride("Malaaq",MoveBetweenAreas("AR0601",[345.591],14)) ActionOverride("DuegarClanChief",TakeItemListPartyNum("IMPORT01",1)) ActionOverride("Shelf1",TakeItemListPartyNum("IMPORT03",1)) SmallWait(4) TakePartyGold(2147483647) ActionOverride(Player1,DestroyAllEquipment()) ActionOverride(Player2,DestroyAllEquipment()) ActionOverride(Player3,DestroyAllEquipment()) ActionOverride(Player4,DestroyAllEquipment()) ActionOverride(Player5,DestroyAllEquipment()) ActionOverride(Player6,DestroyAllEquipment()) CreateCreature("CSJON",[3210.3304],10) // Mage ActionOverride(Player1,PlayDead(165)) Wait(1) FadeFromColor([30.0],0) StartCutSceneMode() StartCutScene("NewGame") END You could remove the "ActionOverride(Player#,DestroyAllEquipment())" and then dump anything that you did not want to keep.
  21. Ishad Nha

    Tool Tip Crash

    I don't know what a backtrace is, I only have the GemRB log which shows nothing at all. It is only the Tool Tips, I can safely sell the item at a shop with no problems.
  22. Ishad Nha

    Tool Tip Crash

    It may just be a fault on my computer. When the Tool Tip delay is at a minimum, when I am in the Inventory screen, any attempt to move the cursor near the bow/halberd causes the crash. Moving the cursor would display the tool tip with the name for the bow/halberd, it seems the game can't display the tool tip.
  23. Ishad Nha

    Tool Tip Crash

    A Tool Tip Crash is caused by Composite Long Bows and looking for their Tool Tip label. Ditto Harmonium Halberd. If Tool Tip Delay is raised to the maximum value, crash does not happen. Most items are not affected by this problem, so far it is only these two. It does not affect the item's information screen. (So far the party has a fairly limited inventory, so it may be caused by other items too for all I know.) Crash is immediate, there are no warning messages on the console. GemRB.log seems to give no clues either. It was not a problem in the original game. Nor is it due to a mod as far as I can tell. It affects both of: GemRB-nmake-vs10-v0.8.1-23-gcbfa777 GemRB-win32-v0.8.1-8-gf897b35 My computer uses Windows XP, SP3.
  24. Ishad Nha

    BG2 status

    "unfortunately, it appears that gemrb BG2 saves wont load in the original anymore." GemRB saves won't load in the original 2000 version of BG2, that is a matter of what code is used to create the save game files. You would compare the known Gem code for creating saves with the code of the original game. Original game's code can be guessed from IESDP. Beamdog may give you the file formats if he has not done so already.
  25. It does not have to be a nice, neat "width = A and height = B" table. It can be random offsets all over the program. But we must know where the offsets are. A Diff.tbl would look like this: (offset), (old value), (new value) 889D0 C5 C3 889D4 CB C9 8911C 48 4B 8911D 61 65 8911E 6C 6E 8911F 66 64 89120 6C 65 (It is the printout of a File Compare for an unmodded version of the program and the hacked version. As it has both old and new values it can be used to both install and uninstall a given design/mod.) (For more information about FRUA see the FRUA & DUNGEON CRAFT Community Forums at http://ua.reonis.com/) Short of finding the offsets there is nothing to be done with the original game's toolbar buttons. I tried fiddling with Keymap.ini, provide shortcut keys for all thieving functions, that had no effect on anything.
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