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  1. Maybe there is some trick for "EE" but... I don't think the upscaling method as proposed would work. There is always a hard coded distance check somewhere... The only solution is engine modding. The game itself would be blissfully unaware of any changes. One would do the typical "DxWnd" style window mode mod. Then hook into the entire graphics sub-system. I hooked into the original engine's ddraw system to improve the fog of war effect, it might be of interest: https://github.com/aqrit/ddwrapper/blob/95c64084f640d51552f0e77c140d9af71af7cc76/torment.cpp#L398
  2. Which is a good reason to NOT DO THAT. User input needs to be solicited at the beginning. If a tool stacks multiple mod installs then that tool should also assume *full* responsibility for moving the "beginnings".
  3. But it is possible via manual review by a "install tool" maintainer. Yes. Each mod revision requires attention. There is no way around this. What would happen if I decided to changed my subcomponent numbers (or behaviors) between releases? the "unattended install tool" should ask these questions up front. The "unattended install tool" should save the responses that it has already received. Then how (and why) did you queue four hours of unattended mod installs? This makes no sense. Batch scripts are a form of "install tool". A script can prompt questions, v
  4. The mod install process should NOT be automated unless the exact version of the mod is known. If the exact mod version is known... a "tool" has a couple of options: 1. pipe/send/inject input to automatically fill out READLN prompts with appropriate values. 2. rewrite the mods source code, replace READLN with some helper function that sets the appropriate value. If the 10th mod to install needs absolutely needs input from user -- then -- that input should be asked for upfront, before the tool launches any installation steps for intervening mods. This is how unattended installation s
  5. Failure on unknown STATS_*PROFICIENCY* https://github.com/Ascension64/TobEx/blob/b5c43d7f0799edb8a40873732d65cd06c60db047/TobEx/src/include/rule.h#L327 https://github.com/Ascension64/TobEx/blob/b5c43d7f0799edb8a40873732d65cd06c60db047/TobEx/src/ext/EffectOpcode.cpp#L3742 what mod is trying to use it? why not post in the tobex forum?
  6. https://codeload.github.com/Gibberlings3/widescreen/zip/master unzip and place the 'widescreen' folder into your game folder *note: the 'widescreen' folder is inside the 'widescreen-master' folder http://www.weidu.org/~thebigg/WeiDU-Mac-240.zip copy 'weidu' file to the game folder rename 'weidu' to 'setup-widescreen' run 'setup-widescreen' *note: I've never used a mac... edit: or... [Tool] Easy mod installer (WeiDu launcher) for OS X by subtledoctor https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/17717/tool-easy-mod-installer-weidu-launcher-for-os-x/p1
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