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  1. 18 hours ago, kjeron said:

    Yes, at least in the EE's, the files used are STORTINT.BAM (red/unusable), STORTIN2.BAM (blue/unidentried), and STORTIN3.BAM (green/learnable).

    These overlays apply to all items though, not just scrolls, and only one displays at a time, with priority going to blue/unid, then red/unusable, then green/learnable.

    So it could show unidentified with a "?" in each corner, unusable with a  "X" in each corner, or learnable with a "O" in each corner, or nothing in none of those applied.

    Thank you 😀 !

    With your information I was able to do something ugly but that DOES work for me (NearInfinity is such a tool !). Checked on my PC (EET) and on my mobile (BG1EE & BG2EE) : perfect 😍.

    I have attached the 3 files for colorblind people that want to test it (copy files to override folder). Just keep in mind it's probably useless if you're not colorblind yourself :)

    I wish I had asked before... 🤣

    I you ask me, I think it would be a good component for Tweaks Anthology - Cosmetics.


  2. Hi,

    Is it possible to make a colorblind component for scrolls* ?

    The purpose of this component would be to show the "state" of each scroll (impossible to cast/learn for the current char, castable, learnable, already learnt) with something else than colors.

    let's say for example : a little sign in the up-right corner :
     - a cross (X) : not usable/learnable
     - a slash (/) : usable but not learnable
     - an empty circle (o) : learnable
     - a circle filled : already learnt

    I hope you get the idea : as long it's not based (only) on colors it would be great.

    I don't even know if it's doable...

    Thank you

  3. On 8/1/2021 at 4:41 PM, subtledoctor said:

    The only way to save this encounter for later is to use metagame knowledge to literally leave part of the area screen black where the lady is. That's super annoying. IMHO the best fix for this is to change the script for the woman: 1) don't have her force dialogue with the party; and/or 2) have her stay around if you don't release Kahrk, so you can come back and do it later.

    1) and/or 2) are great ideas, I hope DavidW take it into account !

  4. 1 hour ago, khelban12 said:

    Maybe cdtweaks devs can contact flamewing and ask him to incorporate the tweak inside of cdtweaks, but until then you can install m7tweaks which has the following components (and also proper uncharming of Glaicas but i think it is already fixed by fixpack and is not needed)

    Thank you, I will use it in  my next run (on my mobile).

    BTW, more than 1 hundred reload later (above the first 100+ relaods) ? I finally got both items... not very fun...

  5. I wish a component (cheat) that allows to win 100% against Aesgareth when playing the card game.

    I'm fed up with reloading :

    On my mobile*, about 50 reloads, i can only draw :
     - Plague, then Aesgareth draws Construct, he wins
     - Strife, then Aesgareth draws Triumph, he wins

    * on my computer, I can (sometimes) win, but never on my mobile.

  6. 15 hours ago, Mr.H said:

    Okay thanks everyone, I've temporarily uninstalled the component while I play though Black Pits 2, I'll reinstall it when I start the main campaign and let you know if I the HLA are hiding in the spellbook. Shouldn't take too long cause I'm on holiday and the gf has gone off for the week :)

    Has anyone here installed this component and can confirm 100% how this is how it is supposed to work?

    I played it (32.4) through the whole saga (from BG1EE up to ToB) and it works as expected :)
    I had only a little bug (already reported by someone else) that duplicate the contingency innate spell when you kick a mage/sorcerer and you take him back in your party.

  7. What ? it's far better (and more simple) now !

    Before : you had to choose everything at install time; and if the game was finally too hard for you (beholder lair? chess area?), you had to reinstall everything.

    After : you can choose almost everything when playing (increase this, decrease that...) so that you can adjust the difficulty without reinstalling everything (just for a single battle if you want : who said chess area again ?).

    I prefer new versions a lot !

  8. 9 hours ago, Jazira said:

    Yes, exactly !

    @Fouinto, yeah, you're right, but it's still sound a bit odd, no ? 

    @DavidW, we tried to search for a neutral gendered word, but noone fit. I guess it can work fine this way, thanks. Sorry for bothering you for such detail.

    True ! but like DavidW, I was looking for a workaround... His workaround is obviously the better :)

  9. I usually do every quest possible in chapter 2-3 (everybody go for Carsomyr at the start of chapter 2, no?).
    So, just an idea in case charname has already killed every owner of the lenses : Bodhi resurrects them and you have to kill them again (with 150% HP?).

    Now I have written this idea, I don't find it that cool anymore...

  10. I have not played NTOTSC since... so long... so I won't say about this particular mod.

    But, generally speaking, I am REALLY happy when "new" modders do maintain "old" mods and port them to EE(T).

    For this, I say "Thank you", even if I think it doesn't perfectly stick to "original author point of view".

    BTW, there is a big difference between "original author point of view"  and "what I think original author point of view was" so... pointless debate.

  11. Your Question seems clear to me.

    I don't know the answer but I can tell you how I (personnaly) do :

    1. I install Pre-EET mods in BWP order,
    2. then EET,
    3. at least I install Post-EET mods in BWP order.

    And then, I don't know if I have already met your kind of problem :)

    All in all, I don't think there can be a "one fit all" rule for this kind of problem : it probably highly depends on why the post-EET mod should go before a pre-EET mod.

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