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  1. Is it a bug or intended change that THACO for throwing axes (when they are used as ranged weapons) is modified by both strenght and dexterity bonuses ? It is only dexeterity bonus which is added to THACO in normal (EE) game.
  2. I hadn´t any problem with installation.
  3. I´ve found strange bug caused by the latest version of Spell Revisions in BG EE. When Imoen reachs level 2 and I level her up, her saving throws are messed up. Save vs paralysis is reduced by -4, save vs rod is reduced by 1, save vs petrification is -5, save vs breath is reduced by 3. It is definitly caused by Spell Revisions, I´ve tried it on clean install of BGEE + only Spell Revisions (all parts except Deva Animation and Spell Deflection blocks AoE spells). It didn´t happen to charname (mage). Does anybody know how to fix it?
  4. I´ve already found it. Sorry for useless question.
  5. Is there any place where can be download old SCS version 21 (the version between merging with SCS2)? That version worked fine with Tutu.
  6. I would like to ask question concerning the Spell Shield. Current version has changed it (it works like better Globe of Invulnerability) but mages in the latest version of SCS (28) use Spell Shield that seems to works like the old version of the spell (protects against one protection removing spell). It is somehow possible to harmonize SR and SCS?
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    The bug is very probably not connected to Wheel of Prophecy. The cause of problem are Jaheira and Imoen in the party. Sarevok will not start conversation if they are in the group. So I let them killed by Illasera, speak with Sarevok and then I raided them.
  8. velehal


    I have a problem after defeating Illasera. I really don´t know which mod is the cause of the bug. It may be BGT, Ascension or Wheel of Prohepcy. After killing Illasera I´m transported to Pocket Plane, Solar says some words, Sarevok appears and says that I´m finnaly arrived and then conversation stops. If I want to speak with him, he only repeats the mentioned greeting and nothing new happens. Is there a way a) repair the bug or b) force him to continue conversation? Thanks for any advices.
  9. I´ve downloaded IR and it shows that it is version 3.1. But Readme says that it is version 3 (in fact 2 but version history states tha the lastest version is 3). So is it the long expected new version with Revised Critical Hits or not? If so I don´t probably need to apply Hotfixes. Or is it still Version 3? Thank you for an answer.
  10. I agree. Now the Belt is one of the best items in the whole game. Slow is very powerful effect and IIRC even liches are affected by it. And it is possible to obtain the belt very quickly without any really difficult fight/quest (the Trademeet quest is doable right after leaving Irenicus´prison even when SCS is installed)
  11. One question. Does SCS take into account component of BG2 Tweak Pack Delay High Level Abilities. I mean if I install this part of Tweak Pack, will only enemies over level 20 recieve HLA? Or it will be ignore and enemies over 3 million exp. will get HLA?
  12. The quest against Mae´Var are very easy. The whole thief strongold is doable. Trademeet and De'Arnise keep are also fine. The final De´Arnise keep is manageable with help of Greater Malinson + 3-4 web + whatever combination of cloudkills and AoE damaging spell is available. With your party it would be easy. Jaheira in the best amor with the best shield + stone skin + free action + whatever improves her saving throws comes first to reveal enemies and lure Tor´Gal. Then mages cast simultaneously combination of aforementioned spells (webs + malinson). This could knock out most of enemies. More webs better. Then Jaheira and Kensais will fight and kill Tor´Gal outside webs. Mages will kill the rest with help of AoE spell. After all minor quest in Athkatla, Trademeet, Mae´Var, De'Arnise keep you can do whatever you want: Unseeing Eye (you can avoid both liches), Winspear Hills (you can do it easily and kill Firkraag in chapter 6), Planar Prison (is more difficult because the half of wardens are mages). Planar sphere can be very difficult, high level mages are on the same level as liches.
  13. Mages (I don´t mean liches) aren´t often protected against spells like Confusion, Chaos and Emotion (if you don´t use Spell Revision). And these spells are Are of Effect spells so they can bypass Improved Invisibility. Together with Greater Malinson there is a pretty high chance that these spells actully hit them. Confused mage = dead mage. And if they don´t use PFMW elemental or poison damage from weapons/arrows can also disrup their spellcasting. I generally don´t fight liches in chapters 2 and 3, these fights are not obligatory. In chapter 6 you have better equipment and sufficient levels to beat them. Only lich in Spellhold is a problem, especially if you have to fight him without equipment. Also if mages don´t have fire shield, you can cast Insect Plague on some enemy who is standing next to the mage and the spell will spread on poor mage. Or if you have SCS component that opponents drop potions, you will have enought potions to signicantly improve your chances on survival in battels with mages (especially if you use IR mod). Korgan with potions and berserk mode can withstand almost everything that mages can cast.
  14. I agree that Barkskin in current SR version has becom one of the better spell, definitely the best druid/priest second level spell. I used it regularly in Ascension battles. I wouldn´t say that it must be nerfed but I would probably consider it. And yes it is possible to reach very low AC around -20 or better if you stack the best armor, shield, Shield Amulet, Ring of Gaxx, Barkskin, Defensive Harmony etc. Still the tougher enemies in ToB will hit you regularly and often they have other means to damage you. Generally I think that items which give AC bonus and can be worn with magical armors/rings/cloaks are quite powerfull and I would be careful with them.
  15. I´ve found that my installation problem was caused by presence of Tutufix_v18. Without it the installation proceeded but then I have the following error during the installation of smarter general AI: ./override/_asloisu.cre] loaded, 1116 bytes Copying and patching 1 file ... [./override/_asloisu.cre] loaded, 1116 bytes Copying and patching 1 file ... ERROR locating resource for 'COPY' Resource [_dogwasu.cre] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key] Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [smarter general AI], rolling back to previous state Unable to Unlink [stratagems_external/backup/6000/OTHER.6000]: Unix.Unix_error(1, "unlink", "stratagems_external/backup/6000/OTHER.6000") [stratagems_external/backup/6000/UNSETSTR.6000] SET_STRING uninstall info not found
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