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  1. I don't think it's mod interference between BG1NPC and BG1UB. It sounds like the default (#0) transition actions were firing, even though you are choosing an alternative transition. I've added a trigger to the default transition to block it if the BG1NPC bandit caravan variable has been set. You can get it on GitHub: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG1NPC/releases/tag/v23.3 This works fine in my tests of Kagain. With the bandit caravan variable set and unset, and with and without the fibula.
  2. No need to double-post bug reports outside of the bug thread. Reports can take a little while to get to, especially over the holidays.
  3. You will still have the option to not accept Kagain into the party. Right after you pick one of those three options in your screenshot, Kagain will give his revenge line and you can either accept him into the party or turn him down. The lines you posted were always on that particular dialog state (that hasn't changed). The earlier one bypassed the normal dialog states, including an interjection by Shar-Teel, since it derailed the dialog and never returned to the vanilla dialog states. I can reactivate the original derailing dialog, but it does have the possibility of bypassing other mod co
  4. Ethereon - Try out this version, and see if that solves the problem. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG1NPC/releases/tag/v23.2
  5. The first is apparently stemming from the fact that your Tutu install is based on an SoA-only BG2. The DisplayStringNoNameHead action was added by ToB. It was reported here previously: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=23868 I don't have an SoA-only BG2, so I don't know if this action can be safely added to the SoA ACTION.IDS (some ToB actions can, some can't). You could replace the DisplayStringNoNameHead actions with DisplayStringHead. I'm certain DisplayStringHead should work in the SoA engine.
  6. Thanks, Camdawg. I'll PM DavidW. It doesn't appear that he's been active in over 7 months. Jarno - without knowing how IWD-in-EET will be implemented, it's hard to commit to that. But, assuming a complete re-write wouldn't be necessary, I'd be open to the idea.
  7. Hi DavidW & Camdawg, Any plans to port the IceTutu Tweaks NPCs to IWDEE? If not, would you mind if someone did the conversion and made it available? Thanks, AstroBryGuy
  8. Thanks! Accepted the pull request and pushed out v23.1. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG1NPC/releases/tag/v23.1
  9. You give me what ? No answer to my indirect question of: How should they package their files ? As that was the origin of their comments. How should their package their files? Most modders use zip archives. That's okay for windows. Compressed tar files for linux and macos because extended file attributes (e.g execution bits) are only part of tar archives if and only if one uses the operating system specific tar command. This discussion needs a complete other thread than "EET on a tablet". Zip can store Unix file permissions by using the "external attributes" field inside the ZIP h
  10. Hail and well met! v23.3 of the BG1 NPC Project is released! Get the latest release at: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=908 Please post bugs and feedback to this thread. Changes for version 23: Updates for EET compatibility to bg1npc.tp2 and x#player1_bgee.d. Moving some large code blocks to .tpa files to clean up bg1npc.tp2 Fixed hardcoded strings in x#mag14d.baf Fixed bug with Amarande dialog Fixed bug with Edwin's golems in Spiderwood Fixed bug with Winski's demon spawning neutral Fixed minsc dialogue problame x#miint.d + x#miint2.baf (BGT
  11. I'll replace the x#gpsht script with %tutu_var%wtarsgt. That one doesn't listen for shouts, but if you attack David, he will turn Enemy().
  12. I don't see a problem with the code either. The variable should be set when the pre-rest dialog starts. I'm stumped.
  13. BG1NPC's interpretation of Imoen is different than the BG2 Imoen, but the difference is intentional. BG1 Imoen's soundset is a rather "childish", e.g, "Yer all buffle-headed," "Borrrinnngg...,", etc. The BG1 in-game biography says "[imoen] seems the eternal child...". In BG2, Imoen has just suffered severe psychological and physical trauma, which has affected her. BG2 Imoen's soundset is far more somber and serious, and her in-game biography notes "the dark confines and horrors of your current location have definitely taken their toll." That said, it is certainly a valid opinion to find the di
  14. Cool. I don't play BGT, so I just wanted to be sure that passing the JOINED dialogs into your function wouldn't remove anything that's supposed to be in the BGT journal for continuing NPCs.
  15. Angel - Thanks! Some of BG1NPC's JOURNAL entries are added to the JOINED dialog files. Since BGT uses the same JOINED files for BG1 and BG2 content, would it be bad to pass this function the JOINED dialog files for the vanilla NPCs?
  16. That would explain the issue, since the dialog.tlk file in the DLC .zip file will override the regular dialog.tlk file. You could try renaming sod-dlc.zip to sod-dlc.disabled manually. If you continue to encounter problems, I'd suggest starting from a fresh install.
  17. Did you run modmerge before installed BG1NPC or after? Did modmerge successfully rename sod-dlc.zip to sod-dlc.disabled?
  18. I'm not sure about that one. The only Forgotten Realms reference to "The Way" I can remember was a religion in Kara-Tur. Doesn't appear that is what Khalid is referring to.
  19. I think Ajantis' line is meaning something like this, "We are not brigands who prowl the countryside for profit! A member of the Order only keeps what he needs to sustain himself and his retainers, and a tithe to the Order. The rest he gives for the benefit of the sick and destitute." The grammar from Kagain is also bad, "is it truth", "Should have knew", "kept silence". I don't know if that's meant to be his 'voice' (but Kagain's vanilla dialogs don't show that kind of speech pattern), or if they are errors that should be fixed.
  20. Temnix/Chimeric is against modder prefixes. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/795932/#Comment_795932
  21. What version of the mod are you running? Is it the latest version, or an earlier version?
  22. Sorry about that, I thought that GitHub was the preferred download hosting site for BWS (that's what the template says). Looking at the .ini file on BitBucket, it looks like ALIEN changed it to something at lynxlynx.info (no idea what that site is, a mirror I suppose?).
  23. I didn't see any issues with the links, but maybe something was still pointing to the old version. My apologies for the bug!
  24. Hi Jastey, That should be fixed the latest release. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG1NPC/releases/latest I'll double-check the download links to make sure it's pointing at the right file. Regards, AstroBryGuy EDIT: Didn't see your second post until after I replied. Yes, that's the problem. I did the fix back in March. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG1NPC/commit/735914008a9115aafbd556fb4360eab0991a92c5 I'll check the downloads and make sure the fix is in the latest version. It should be.
  25. @AlexVale - If you purchased the game from Steam or GOG, did you run modmerge (https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/50441/modmerge-merge-your-steam-gog-zip-based-dlc-into-something-weidu-nearinfinity-dltcep-can-use/p1) before installing mods?
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