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About This File

This mod is a collection of class, skill, proficiency, and stat updates. This is an alpha release with the intention of adding more class, skill, and stat updates in the near future while further refining the new proficiencies that are being added. Yes, these are actual, functional, useable, proficiencies that can be assinged on the character creation and level up screens. Yes, eekeeper can recognize and adjust these proficiencies for characters. Yes, I am intimately familiar with the limited resources in the game, and no detectable spells were harmed in the making of this mod.

Some components require EEex to work, and those are identified with (EEex Required).

Edited by morpheus562

What's New in Version 1.0-beta   See changelog


Official pre-release for version 1.0-Beta which brings the following enhancements:

  • Added Swiftblade, Spell Penetration, Concentration, and Thrown Weapon Style proficiencies.
  • Corrected pip assignment for characters with single weapon style.
  • Corrected pip assignment for rangers and two weapon style.
  • Adjusted pip assignment for Level 0 NPC Type Mods.
  • Corrected check for Spears that was erroneously pointing to Flails.
  • Changed Fighter Overhaul to just provide all Fighters and Fighter kits with the Second Wind Ability and Indomitable passive ability.
  • New Fighter HLAs are added to the HLA Component instead of being part of the Fighter Overhaul.
  • Resist Magic HLA now increments Magic Resist by +40% instead of setting it. Duration is increased.
  • Warcry HLA now provides immunities similar to a Berserker Rage.
  • Two-Weapon Style updated to include damage penalties.
  • Removed Kits. Those are now being included in my standalone kitpack.
  • Add HLAs to IWDEE.
  • Added Scroll Crafting abilities.

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