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The Icewind Dale Fixpack is designed to fix several bugs and errors that remain in the game after the official patches have been applied. It works on with or without the expansions Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster installed. In fact, many issues quietly fixed by Heart of Winter or Trials of the Luremaster have been rolled back to every version of the game. This originally started as a component of the IWD Tweak Pack, but was broken out in to its own mod because 1) it's gotten fairly extensive on its own and 2) it should be installed right after the official patches whereas the tweaks should be last installed.

What's New in Version v9   See changelog


  • Found a few more HoW-only parameters being applied to non-HoW games, causing crashes
  • The dialogue tree for Contact Other Plane would shift to the question/answer tree for TotLM events when the player started TotLM, but not shift back after TotLM events were completed
  • Fixed the buggy Light Crossbow and High Quality Light Crossbow icons (link is for BG2, but it's the same issue in IWD)
  • Wind of Heaven does not fully protect against Death Fog despite the item's description. Unfortunately there's no way to fix this, so Wind of Heaven's description now mentioned that it only offers 'limited protection' against Death Fog since it only blocks the movement speed decrease

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