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Xan Romance - Half Elf

Guest Kail

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I guess I should say **Spoiler Alert!**?




Soo, I was going through the Xan romance when it stopped, I thought I'd either messed it up or he was sulking. However it had reverted back to normal dialog when I tried to talk to him, which got me thinking that maybe the romance had stopped because my character was a half-elf. (Since I didn't choose any offensive conversation options)


I would like to see the rest of the romance (especially reactions to later events), buttt I'm guessing that would require starting the game over with an elf character.


Although I'll probably end up doing that eventually (after I've finished this game), I wondered if there was a file or something where I can look at the dialog? I know in a few other mods I've been able to find text documents with such things, haven't been able to find one for this though.

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That's correct, Xan will break up with a half-elf early. I am not sure how the mod is organized nowadays, but try looking for a TRA folder in your BG1NPC folder and find something called X#XAROM.tra or similar. TRA's are more difficult to read than D's, but you can get a general idea.

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If you wish to read the full files in convenient format, post your e-mail address here, or register and send me a private message with your e-mail address, and I'll send you a .doc file. (About 400kb). Domi's five dialogues(including the break-up with a half-elf one), and four newer dialogues might be missing from it, though.


You might benefit from playing it again, as well - and there's a BG2 part now available. :)


And, yes, all files have been traified, a BGT version is now incorporated and there're some changes in scripting(no changes in content and timing, though), so the mod has undergone some serious transformation, for better or for worse.

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And the file for translation (".tra") in the meantime is




with the related file




If you use NI or DLTCEP, though, there is an easier way -- load up Xan's in-game compiled dialogue, and have the conversation follow along with mouse clicks :)

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