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Who likes doing Dialog?


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Right, so I'm doing something called "Blaellyn's Series of Themed Adventures! Yay!" and I hate doing dialog so does anybody wanna do it for me?? Just you know leave something here and I'll get back to you.

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Now that's tact. :)


What he means is,you're going to be very lucky to find someone to write dialogue to your direct specifications.


What you might be better off doing is sketching out the dialogues for yourself, since for quests, you should know how much and what kind of info you want the player to have as they set out into it.


Once you've got the sketched in dialogues, you can maybe think about injecting some small character points and see if someone will proof/critique your work. You can make improvements from there and see where you end up.

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Or you could attempt to recruit a collaborator who is more into the creative aspect of modding than the coding one. But you'd have to allow them to be as creative as they like.


Dad used to say that you could tell someone what to do, or how to do it, but not both.


There are plenty of people out there that have more interest in writing than coding. Enticing them might not be as hard as you'd think. But they'll do a better job if they have full creative input.


Many people are already committed or overcommitted, but you never know. You might get lucky.

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Hey, just make it so the critters do what I want (via talking) and you can make um say whatever you like (within reason of course, no merchants saying "Rar! I'm going to eat your flesh!" or demons saying "Come buy from me, I've the lowest prices! And I even love elfs!"). Hell, I'll even make ya critter in your image and name it after you. Heck, if you want I'll tell you the secret location of the map to that tells the location of a certain scroll, so long as you promise not to leak it to the press. :)


Oh, and if you wanna helpout with cutscenes that be helpful.

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