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For the luddites out there...


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Recently I've seen a very sweet picture: two young boys in the army form, starved, thin and rather haggard-looking, came to the post office and asked to be shown the internet stalls - one of them wanted to check a letter from his girlfriend. He didn't seem to want to leave - he looked as if he wanted to rip off the monitor and take it with him. I think they'd buy this service if it existed - for some odd reason, a large percentage of internet zones doesn't have printers here. And, of course, I never had a printer until I got access to the corporate machine, so, I dare say, I'd pay for such a delivery, too. Gmail could do with an extra fortune.

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I agree. The latest spoof was even to subtle for me. I first thought google was going retro.


Page and Brin experimented with numerous avian motivators before settling on a combination of linseed and flax (lin/ax) that not only offered superior performance, but could be gathered at no cost from nearby open space preserves. This open space lin/ax powers Google's operations to this day, and a visit to the data coop reveals pigeons happily pecking away at lin/ax kernels and seeds.

The data coop? Okay, I will never look at office cubicles the same way again! :)

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