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Alternate Portraits

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Guest Icarian

Impressive work. The style is undisputably IWD, and you managed to convey the characters' personalities quite well.


There's some room for improvement perhaps, but I wouldn't be exaggerating in the slightest if I called this the best set of custom portraits I have ever seen.


Personally, I think Rizdaer's his skin is a little too light and pink-hued for a drow (making him look rather like a thin-blooded half-drow disguised as a human), and the texture of his hair (ambiguously) hints at curls, which is another distinctly humanizing element. Hildury could also use some touching up, but I can't quite put my finger on it... Perhaps making her a tad more feminine would help.


This is just me nitpicking of course. They're all amazing as it is.

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Hi Icarian, the portrait set was made 2 years ago, so I don't think it's going to be altered, but it sounds like you might enjoy playing with them regardless. :crazyeyes: Drow skin is notoriously difficult for the artists, I find. Also, in IWD2 you can very easily customize the appearnces, voice sets etc. It's a very flexible game in that regard!

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I have to say that I'm REALLY impressed by these portraits. I usually don't like the portraits people give to npc mods, (Heck, I even dislike most of the original character portraits in BG. The IWD default pictures are good, though.) but these ones stay true to the original style of IWD, while pulling off the 'hyper-natural-fantasy look' (which I usually hate) in a surprisingly nice way.

Very good work, hands down!

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