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More praise! (And slight spoiler warning)


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Well, alright, so I'm only on chapter two and it's taking me all of my willpower not read ahead in Infinity Explorer. I haven't enjoyed any game this much since Xan and Kivan. I'm terrible at commenting, but I'm gonna try my best.


I consider myself a Neutral Good type person, but whenever Diriel says something about humans I almost want to agree with him. Really, really wishing he was a full romance option right now. Totally worth playing an elven PC just so he annoys poor Jaemal and Rizdaer. I've always been very much a fan of intelligent, manipulating evil instead of just "kill people and take their stuff".


Another thumbs up for Valeero. After returning to Targos from the goblin fortress, she actually commented- It's good to see the town still standing. I was so shocked, that was -just- what I'd been thinking a minute ago. It just... fit the situation really well and made me smile.


Nikosh needs a hug. I almost feel bad about dragging him around fortresses and ice temples. Poor little halfling...


I can't wait until I beat the game with this party so I can try Peony and Salomeya next time.


All and all, I've had a great time playing this mod - at one AM, laughing about 'vampire' mosquitoes last night, I realized you've made this game (which I used to only play in brief 15-minute segments before I got bored, a few years ago) completely worth playing. So, thanks, Domi! :(

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I'm gald you are enjoying it. And I'm particulary glad that you liked Valeero, she actually grew on me as a character while I was writing her, ie a mature, calm person with her own interests. :(


I hope that you'll have fun throughout the whole game.


You might want to postpone reading the dialogue files till you do finish the game, because then you'll actually can see what you missed and maybe make a note of it, which will be useful for me to double check to make sure that the scripts are firing properly, and it was just a timing thing.

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If I may add some of my praise...


It's the most wonderful thing that happend to me since the release of BG1NPC Project. It just adds so much to the game that was there since the beginning but only in our imagination. Every single banter, interjection, flirt, comment is priceless and wonderful. All of the NPCs seem so real (some are even to real [see=>Salomeya]) and have their own agendas and past that doesn't depend on the PC. I had that fantastic feeling that me and my party are complete strangers who by chance ended up in one place and where forced to work like a team no matter what - it's either we stick together and win or we don't cooperate and get killed.


And the way they interact with each other and the PC is beyond any words of praise. The romances are wonderful and have this excellent mature feel to them I missed since I got my hands of Kivan :(

And just watching Hildury or Jaemal makes me want to smile and hug them for what they are.


Wonderful. Simply. Love it. ;)

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