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  1. Yes indeed, but I would like an option to do something nasty to her when being a male and in a relationship with her - probably she wouldn't care too much, but still I would love to see her pissed off or just a bit humiliated (geez, can anyone even make her feel that way? ), she deserves that just for ignoring my young and gorgeous tiefling bard! Oh, well, he got more love than he wanted from both Peony and Jaemal
  2. I voted Jaemal (someone surprised? ) for females and Peony for males. Why? Ok, so I just got to the end of my first-ever run through IWD2 with a lawful evil character, romancing Diriel... Wow, I never thought I will say this but this guy is going to be a loving husband and a caring father but...geez, he sure is ambitious - and we all know from history what happens to such people So, yeah, it was fun, now let me get back to Jaemal As for Peony...she is just adorable, the kind of woman that takes care of you, is sweet to you, never pushes you away, cheers you up...a perfect match for me (if I was born a man of course ). Cheers Domi, you are our hero!
  3. You also think so? They have the best dialogs togheter and seem to be really good friends. And wonderful piece of art, Azri, really lovley
  4. I'm not much of an artist when it comes to drawing, but I was in such a good mood today that I had to do it, beware! Best wishes from the North! I'm afraid my lack of talent killed the whole scene but I thought I could share it with my fellow IWD2 NPC fans out there Cheers!
  5. Out of curiousity - is anyone doing the Polish translation? I would like to know because I want to help if someone is doing it or start doing it myself
  6. The funny thing about me is that my imagination runs wild when I play such games. If I play and elf I imagine all "my men" slightly taller than me (only exeptions are the times it is stated in the dialog that Enter_name_here is a lot taller/shorter) no matter their race. If I am human or such, all elves I get involved with are quite tall for their kind, so to speak So Riz is at least my hight and 'Mal slightly taller by my book. But yeah, I know I tend to be strange.
  7. Beautiful. Exactly what I felt like doing since the very beginning of the romance
  8. Ok, thank you, that anwsered my question Cheers!
  9. Oh, I am quite aware of that. I was just wondering if all player characters will have the same background - being a paladin's child. Because a tiefling/drow/half-orc/whatever-comes-in-mind-that-doesn't-fit-to-be-a-paladin is not likley to have a lawful good knight as a parent
  10. Yeah. The last moments are always the most trying... For both sides, I am sure
  11. A question has been bugging me for some time but couldn't find the right place to post it...well, don't kill me, but I noticed this thread a couple of days ago (silly, silly and blind me ) About the biography...will we see all the old ones dependent on our class or will there be new ones? Or all characters will get only one (the one Salomeya is refering to in the screenshot teaser, about the PC being a child of a paladin)? Asking because it seems fairly important if the NPCs are going to refer to it, and I have no info about it (nor did I play a paladin in IWD2 so I don't know what biography do they get). Errr...well, that's all I guess
  12. Don't want to turn this topic completly...off-topic...but since we started In real life I would stick to someone more like me. That is why in rpgs my first choice is a good guy, a little shy and, what is most important, caring (damn you Jaheira, give me back Khalid! ). Now, I imagine Jaemal will be my all time favorite, judging from what I have seen thus far. And most definitley my first choice in a run-through. Mostly because of his lovley portrait As for the bad guys... They are fun to play, that's for sure and the reason I play evil in rpgs (because the plot never actually makes sense for my lawful/chaotic evil characters). Since my off-topicness is running wild I will only add... Actually, most of them believe in the cliche 'he is not evil, just misunderstood'. And: 'if he only would get enough lovin' he would turn out a good guy in the end'. Then I hope those girls will grow up FAST before they meet someone like this. ...and finally close my mouth (errr...get away from the keybord I mean )
  13. On the one hand, you are right. On the other hand, when I see that *really a lots of fangirls* whine at the NWN2 forums that they SO LOVE Bishop and simply HAVE to romance him, all of my doubts as to Diriel's eventual popularity dissolve into thin air...^^' The truth is that no girl would ever let a guy like that even near in real life, but since it's a game and you can roleplay a woman that is more like a Black Widow than a human (elf/orc/dwarf/whatever) than why not spice up your life with a man that is as bad as you? But on the other hand Riz looks like everything such a woman might ever wish for (and still have Diriel for supper )
  14. True, but I'll still stick to the lighter, blond version - more drowish Especially now when he has that lovley greyish shade (ashish? ) on his head Too many smilies, I know
  15. I think Mrs.Cake was matching the original edit we had coloring-wise, so yep, it's a half-drow version of Rizdaer. But he didn't have to dye his hair, right? He could, but wouldn't have to unless you decided so It could be that he is a natural blond (no joke intended) and that is why he attempted to pass for a half-drow in the first place but he also had to be of lighter carnation for that I guess - and he is, looking at the portrait, because in the FR books we read about onyx-like skin colour (or was it obsidian...? ) and judging from skin tones we can pick for drow in the game (also look=>NWN2) I would say even pure dark elves may have a bit "normal" color to it (a bit healthy pink in it ) So still I believe everything is right with the portrait. Oh, and I do hope somebody understands me, it's 1:30am on my clock and I am pushing my mind to go on
  16. You really have a thing for non-romancable guys
  17. Well, I am not an expert when it comes to drow, but their hair colour tends to be even brighter I guess, from snowy-white to dark shades of grey. Blond also is quite common but I don't know if it is his natural hair-colour or it is just dyed to make Rizdaer look like a half-drow? It looks fine by my book
  18. Fantastic portraits MrsCake! Diriel has that "don't even bother talkin' to me" expression, it's just priceless and Peony looks sooo adoring! She's my best friend ever already! Oh, and is it my imagination or Valeero actually reminds me of someone?
  19. Very nice! I hope to see more soon and that it gets included in the mod
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