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Bug Reports for Alpha 20


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or a deliberate handicap, but it seems Rizdaer's "naked" AC doesn't match his dexterity bonus. I believe he should have an AC of 16, and would benifit more from studded leather than the chain mail he starts with. When his armor is removed, it jumps to 16 for a moment, then drops to 14, and armor put on applies from there with standard bonuses (he doesn't get any better with half-plate instead of chain mail).


I was thinking this might be a deliberate handicap to have him played differently than maximum powergaming, but if it's not, that means it's a bug, right? ;)

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I'm slowly starting to progress through the game - I'm up to the Horde Fortress! ;)


Anyway, I found a few more typos.

  • Nord/PC Chapter Talk - Targos - Palisade

    • Nord: "It's ten bloody villages, !"
      It seems like it's either missing a or the comma was left over from an earlier change.

    • PC Response: "Wood is not that bad. If it were ice, I would have been worried. If it were summer. Providing they have summers here.[/u]"
      I got what you were going with for these, but it didn't flow very well as sentence fragments.

    [*]Salomeya Romance Talk - Shaengarne River

    • PC Response: "I'm not so cliché if I'mloved by the most unusual woman of our times."Missing a space, and I might change the verb tense to "I wouldn't be so cliché if I were loved by the most unusual woman of our times." Also, while I was looking for this in the dialogue files, I noticed that the same sentence is worded a bit differently without Peony.

    [*]Salomeya PC Talk - Chapter 1

    • PC Response: "Was she_ an elf or a human?"
      Extra space.

    [*]Peony/Salomeya Conflict - Horde Fortress

    • Salomeya: "Large dogs bite hard, little dogs bite more."
      Peony: "Whatever that is supposed to mean?!"
      Salomeya: "I'll let you figure it out."
      Surrounding sentences included for context. It should probably be rewritten as "Whatever is that supposed to mean?!"

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Some more typos:


Jaemal - It was a risky enterprise, but the librarian and the scribe labored in secret to copy the scrolls we needed and the magic that stirred inside me so suddenly, was fiercer than a sandstorm. <-- shouldn't have a comma


Jaemal - (same convo as before) Alas, the best laid plans of the great courtiers and diplomats go astray. What to say about something conceived by three desperate slaves? <-- The "the" there sounds odd.


Peony - So did we! I swear! I still remember my little bro sitting on the fence and yelling at us: "Remember! Pillage, THEN burn!" as we fought the huge ogre... er... the meanest goose ever! Unfortunately, it was Auntie Daisy's fence, so we didn't get to pillage, but burn our ears did.

PC answer - He-he! Same kind of stuff...

Peony - Oh, yes! It has a great library, and spotless streets, and neatly cropped trees, and the best ruler in the whole world! So, yep. Awesome city. I mean, even the banners on the city walls are washed daily. By the washer women specially qualified to do that <-- ok, not a typo, but I'm wondering if that non-sequitor was intentional. If it was, I'd like an option to ask Peony just how her brain jumped to it. ^_^'


Peony - Wow, I *love* magic, but opening doors with lightening bolts... it's a bit over the top, isn't it? <-- throughout this chapter 2 interjection, Peony uses "lightening" instead of "lightning." I don't know if it's ever spelled the first way, but Nikodemus (however it's spelled ^^; ) uses "lightning" anyway.


Peony - When I was a kid, I thought I'd be sucking on icicles every day. I even figured how to cast a tiny version of the ice lance spell in preparation. Mostly, I forget about it, though. It's amazing just how many things I have to keep in mind.

PC answer - Where this fixation on icicles is coming from? <-- should be "Where is this"


Rizdaer - It's a serious trespass to attempt to attract attention of a disinterested female. It implies that a male has the ability to choose, to prefer. <-- should be "attract the attention"


Is Rizdaer supposed to comment on how formidable Sherincal "was," when she has just started attacking?


And Rizdaer's bio says that he got lots of "backed goodies." ;)


I'd go vote Peony as my favorite char, 'cause she keeps making me giggle, but I don't want to vote until I've gotten the whole way through! ;)

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Is Rizdaer supposed to comment on how formidable Sherincal "was," when she has just started attacking?


Interestingly, no. Interestingly, it is scripted to trigger after Sherincal is dead, but it makes me wonder if they destroy her CRE at some point if she showed up in Andora, or one of her lower (higher) level cres which are hidden in thge same area after she attacked? I replaced the script name, but I am not hopeful. If the further tests confirm that it misfires, I'll move the interjection off the battle area into the temple area.

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I revised the conditions on Jaemal's proposal talk after the abttle of the Aerie, depending on what happened during the big revelation LT. Basically, Jaemal will now propose if you are aware of the hard facts, independently of having or having not doing the nasty with him. He will not propose though if you slept through the revelations or refused to go into that whole talk altogether, because I don't want to tackle the issue during the proposal talk.


I don't think though that I can do anything for initiating the talk itself - I do need a load of checks on both PC and Jaemal not being affected by any disabling spells, because I had had cutscene glitching before when PC was held....

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