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DOS/WeiDU Help


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I'm trying to extract a file from the game to look at for an example for dialogue. I know there's a way to do this as there used to be a tutorial. But I can't find the tutorial anymore, and weidu isn't any help. :suspect: Can anyone here help me out, pretty please?

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Thanks, I did see that, but there was another one that, I believe, showed how to extract Sir Sarles .d file. But I used DLTCEP and I think I got what I needed. Still, it's frustrating that I can't remember. Oh, and thanks, Icelus.

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Also, take a look at the various PowerToys/TweakUI utilities from Microsoft for the various Windows flavors. From the right-click menu in folders, you can open a DOS prompt in that folder (skipping steps 1-6 :suspect: ).


PowerToys for XP - Open Command Window Here - may also work for 2000 (not sure)

PowerToys for Win 95 - Command Prompt should also work for Win 98, Win Me and NT4. I don't know about the rest of the components, though.


edit: These are in regards to Kismet's tutorials. Bev and icelus got in a few posts while I was trying to (slowly) respond and discover this wasn't what they were looking for at all. . :)

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