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Changes to original quests

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The Lands of Intrigues mod is going to add many brand new quests (as well as areas, kits, NPCs, etc :)), but we're planning to change and expand some of the existing quests as well. In order to try to ensure compatability with other quest mods, we've decided to let the public know of our plans in this regards :suspect:.


1) Consequences


Consequences is an optional component of the mod that affects certain existing BG2 quests (as well as some introduced by LoI) if you don't complete them before heading off to Spellhold. Certain people will be killed, there'll be more/tougher monsters, and so on. We currently plan to do this for Firkraag, the Shade Lord, Faldorn and the occupying forces of the De'arnise Keep, but we may include others, such as the Unseeing Eye.



2) The Slavers (Copper Coronet, Slaver Stockade, etc)


Numerous changes here. First, dealing with the slavers/smugglers is going to become part of the critical path, as Saemon's crew refuse to sail while slavers prowl the waves. Unless you offer Saemon lots of extra money to sail regardless of this threat (which will have certain repurcussions of its own), you'll have to do the various related quests. There are also plans add an alternative, evil resolution to the slaver scenario...



3) The Fallen Paladins


Once you start routing out the slaving/smuggling ring in Athkatla, it will trigger the appearance of the fallen paladins and the smugglers in the bridge district if you haven't already encountered them. You'll even be able to steal Anarg's cup from the Radiant Heart for him, meaning there can be a non-violent resolution to the situation.



4) Isae Roenall


The slavers quest will also open up the whole "find incriminating evidence against Isae" task to Nalia-less parties. You'll even be able to simply assassinate the creep instead of going evidence hunting. Of course we'll make provisions for Nalia joining after Isae's imprisonment/death.



5) Renal "Bloodscalp"


LoI will have Renal give you another quest, entitled "The Burglar, The Spy and The Maid". To try to avoid conflicts with other mods (particularly Sim's Quest pack), this will take place before he asks you to deal with Mae'Var.



6) The Hidden & the Illithids


This quest hasn't really been thought through yet, but it will (amongst other things) likely involve opening up Jan's quest to parties without him. It will also add a character to the unoccupied jail cell in the room with Tazok and, believe it or not, tie the Hidden in with certain events of Baldur's Gate 1.



7) The Twisted Rune


Though you'll be asked to deal with the Rune during the course of one of the new LoI quests, this really just serves as an excuse to attack them. Besides that, nothing else about the Rune will be changed. Well, not in SoA anyway...



8) The Stronger


LoI will expand on the whole De'Arnise Keep thing by explaining the Yuan-ti's motives for their part in the attack. However, it won't reveal who the Stronger is or his own reasons for invading the keep, as this what JCompton and co. plan to do in the De'Arnise romance.



9) Khiser Jhaeiri


In pnp, this fellow is the head of a Tethyr-wide band of assassins called the Cats Claws, a group who have strong ties to the Shadow Thieves. We thought it would be nice to make use of this information :D.

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2), 3), 4) and 7) are all directly tied in with larger, brand new quests. All the rest except 1) are brand new quests in themselves, which simply happen to feature existing characters. 1) is simply something that I feel needs to be done to the game - many people say there should be consequences for taking too long to rescue Imoen, and I say there also ought to be consequences for not saving towns in danger (i.e. Trademeet and Imnesvale), letting evil red dragons carry out their nefarious schemes, etc.

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Sounds good.


Make the Copper Cronet clensing a bit more fun by giving Leithain & Hendak better equipment, and by having more slavers and Gladiators fighting.

Allso, it would be cool if Leithein had two bodyguards by his side and Hendak had 2 Gladiators (or you)


As far as the Fallen Paladins go, how about a way to bring them back into the Order?


Then, for the Nalia's Kepp to be available to any class (or at least any melee classs)


Allso, fix the Sundellesanar elves - they are too pathetic ( I allready did that...can send you all the creature & item files)

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I understand everything about the "consequences" part (the unseeing eye should certainly be added) except for one thing. What exactly can go worse with Firrkragg? He has already conquered the area (he doesn't care much about the previous owner) , he has a tribe of orcs that serve him and no real interest in turning them into an army (which would be costly to keep) . The kid would probably die if not saved in time but if the party doesn't go there at all, what will happen?

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In this instance, the only real change is that he'll have quite a lot of extra backup (the rationale being he's recently taken control of another local monstrous tribe), though he'll have also captured and imprisoned Garren.


Incidentally, none of Consequences will have much impact unless the party actually goes to the relevant areas.

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he'll have also captured and imprisoned Garren.

Why? He destroyed Garren's life long time ago and already lost interest in him. Garren's kid was only captured so the PC would go chasing, but he lost interest in the PC after the first meeting. Unless you give Fierkraag new "interest" that collides with the PC's and Garren's I don't see the "capturing Garren" feature makes much sense story wise. My 2c :)

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any thoughts as to making it so it is possible to work for someone other than the shadow thieves or bodhi? or are this something you are just not into, and will leave this kind of quests up to mods like saerileth?

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