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Changes to original quests

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Actually, I have an Ilmater stronghold planned out, I just need to write the dialogue and code it :p. I also have a few ideas for an Oghma stronghold. Of course, if someone else were willing to do the neccessary writing and/or coding for a new cleric stronghold, we would more than welcome it - though needless to say, it would have to be for one of the existing DR kits.



Oh, and regarding LoI, most of new NPC Jaina's quests will have something to do with the church of Milil (of course, that deity is only mentioned once during all of unmodded BG2 :p)

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this all sounds good.


what new oppurtunitie will there be for evil parties, they kinda get stinged in the unmodded game, or because there is the 'mod for the wicked' would you prefer to just let them handle all that stuff?

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probably not something your interested in doing, but what about some of the racial deities? you have priest of Talos, Helm, and Lathander, but what about some of the elven or drow deities. Rillfane, Lloth, Shar, uh i forget the rest.


would be kind of cool to recieve the boon of Lloth or the boon of Shar, if you were a Drow of course.



or is this something like covered by divine remix?

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oh ok, DR is sounding more interesting by the day. might have to get it one of these days, im a little busy right now to start a new game though. real life is calling (a lot)



This sounds like a great mod with allot of additions to the game as well as for allot of playability. Any idea when it will be ready for download and play? Thanks



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