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Requirements, rrr?


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What would the romancey requirements be? :)


Like, certain Charisma score, or certain Intelligence score, woof? ^_^


And umm, can Evil PCs romancey Delainy cat? :D


If the Evil PC is very very nice to her, and is nice, and has high reputation (Not from bribing the churches, woof)? :)


I guess should not be Evil then... but umm ^_^ Virtue Virtue! :D Maybe he will have High Virtue also :) So will become Good! :D


But yes, any requirements? ^_^

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Well, she can make a set of bagpipes from one's lungs.

Ah, the Martha Stewart of werewolves. :D

Great, Rusalka, so now why do I have an image of Delainy in werewolf form, a bright apron with the letters "Kiss the Chef" and a feather duster rising up in my mind? ;-)

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