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Imoen the Bard

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I've just made this extremely small mod, but for some reason it simply refuses to append the scripts. Of course I'm probably doing something extremely stupid, so you can go ahead and laugh at me if you want.


But anyway, if someone could take a look it for me, I'd be extremely grateful :).


Now fully working :suspect:. Enjoy!


Current contents (v1.4):


- Imoen the Bard

- Imoen the Arcane Rogue

- PnP Arcane Spell Tables

- Remove the First Cutscene

- Endless SoA

- PnP Items of Protection - Armor

- PnP Items of Protection - Shields

- New Items


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There are two errors:


1) Your backup folder path is wrong in your tp2. Typo; nmitd instead of nmitb.

2) The ChangeClass object should be Myself not (). Perhaps the IESDP example works with BioWare's script compiler but WeiDU doesn't like it.

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This is what I'm thinking for her kit:


ARCANE ROGUE: Whereas the typical bard is an entertainer who has taught himself arcane spellcasting and sleight-of-hand, the arcane rogue devotes himself to the simultaenous study of wizardry and thieving. As such, he has several extra thief abilities and improved access to spells, but no unique bard abilities.



- May backstab for a lesser amount than the thief class (level 1-8: x1, level 9-16: x2, level 17+: x3)

- Can set traps

- Memorises one extra spell per level



- No bard song

- 1/3 normal lore value


Essentially it's a thief/mage, but with no stealth abilities, weaker backstabbing, slower spell progression (but as noted above, still faster than a bard), and of course faster levelling up.

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Another version uploaded. I think Imoen's spell slots should be right now (same as a normal Bard without the kit, one extra spell with it), and Near Infinity seems to confirm it.


I haven't had a chance to test these changes out in-game yet though (couldn't be bothered sitting through the Irenicus cutscene again :suspect:), so I can't be held responsible if anything goes wrong :).

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