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Inquisitor's Dispel Magic special ability


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I had not known this until yesterday, but I'm hearing that an Inquisitor's Dispel Magic special ability operates at twice the level of a mage's. The manual says of the spell


"The chance of the dispel succeeding is determined by the level of the caster and the level of the magic being dispelled. The base chance of successfully dispelling is 50%. If the caster is higher level than the creator of the effect to be dispelled, 5% per level is added to the chance of success. If the caster is lower level, 10% per level is subtracted from the chance of success."


This figures to make Inquisitors extremely powerful versus SCS II's upgraded enemies. I just recently added Keldorn to the party and I have used his Dispel Magic ability once or twice, without paying any particular attention to the result. But if I understand this correctly, Keldorn now at level 11 he should be casting Dispel Magic as a level 22 mage in terms of the spell's chance of success. So for example, even now in chapter 2 Keldorn has a 100% chance of dispelling an effect created by a level 12 spellcaster.


I'll be keeping an eye on this, as it would seem that in the vanilla game at least, an Inquisitor basically unbalances the game where magic is concerned.

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Ah, Good thinking! Perhaps when the spellcasters sight an Inquisitor they can be scripted to cast a sequencer that includes Spell Immunity: Abjuration.


The problem is that they can't know (well, I suppose unless you assume they've been observing the party for days) that they're going to face an Inquisitor. They quite like SI: Abj, precisely because of Inquisitors, but the other ones have their uses too (and also it gets dull if every enemy uses the same power). I'd be interested to know whether, in actual testing, Inquisitors come out looking overpowered (I wouldn't be surprised either way).

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Well in SoA with enemy mage and priest HLAs installed, I did have level 11 Keldorn have a go at dispelling the spell effects of two dark planetars created by the temple ruins lich. And their protections did dispel (blade barrier? and whatever else). This still didn't stop them from dicing the party to bits anyway, though.

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