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BG1 Tutu component suggestion for cursed items


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It'd be nice to see a BG1 Tutu tweak that allows the option to modify the cursed "Vampire's Revenge" long sword into a truly useable (non-cursed) item. Perhaps make it alignment specific for evil characters only, though. Then it's only going to end up being used by the PC, Shar-Teel, Eldoth, or Monty--and among the NPCs, because of the profs they already have probably only Shar-Teel would end up actually using it. (Unless you modify their profs with SK, which I have taken to doing recently since the Bioware profs so often end up over-nerfing the character; especially with SCS installed it seems quite reasonable to give the NPCs more sensible/effective profs.) Or if one installs the Level One NPCs or Ashes of Embers tweaks that allows priests to use bladed weapons, it might actually be a neat weapon for Viconia to try.


Anyway, that would add a little more depth to the archeological dig quest. It's just a matter of modifying the item.


To extend the concept, I guess you could also offer an option to make the Cursed Sword of Berserking +3 into a useable item as well. Ideally, have the priest at the temple of Helm in Nashkel offer to remove the curse from it, and then a script replaces it with the modified item.

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Here's my opinion on cursed items from the Current Idea List thread.


It may have been proposed before, but it might be nice to have a component similar to the Remove Cursed Item Flag from the iiTweak mod. It's somewhat ridiculous to be able to know with a simple glance that an item is cursed.


It might even be possible to expand on such a component by having two different 'identification value': one value to be able to know that an item is magical and a second, higher value, to know that it's actually cursed. So with 30 in Lore, your character knows that his new wooden shield is a +2 Woodland Defender, but with 80 in Lore, he actually realises that it's a Cursed +2 Woodland Defender.


Aaaannnddd... to add even more details, one could possibly make a mod out of this: adding a few rare potions of Lore and new cursed items, maybe even curse standard items at random. Beware the Ring of Human Influence! Today, it's working just fine, but tomorrow, when you start a new game, it might actually be a cursed Ring of Human Repulsion! :)


...Hum... Bad Luck mod. Gotta learn to program.


That being said, I really like the idea that one could actually remove a curse from an item. What would you propose Lemernis? Simple gold? Or maybe the priest need to craft his curse removal by using random items (a few gems, a tear from a virgin, that kind of thing). "Of course my good lord, I can purify this foul blade for you. However, I'll need a few things first to appease the gods: a white pearl, a simple sword and a lock of hair from a blind woman... and 5000 gold for my services, of course.

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