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monopolization use problem

Guest korean

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You can edit the item itself to match the character's stats, alignment, class etc, it's in the use restrictions, in either NI, DLTCEP or IEEP. It's not entirely foolproof, because a PC that match the NPC will be able to use those items. You can also write a script that will make any other character drop the item if s/he tries to equip it.

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Are you trying to create an item that can only be used by one character?


To do this, you would set the usability flags so that only that character, and possibly a PC with the same stats, class, and alignment, would be able to use it.


The danger of this is that if one of those stats changes, the NPC wouldn't be able to use his own item anymore.


You could also make the item undroppable, but from a role-playing perspective, this doesn't always work. For example, the idea of an undroppable weapon is laughable. How could a person function with a sword glued to his hand?


Or you could write it into the game script, but I don't recommend doing it, as it would require that six blocks of script run every single pass through baldur.bcs. Could cause lag.

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Really it's all about levels of restriction. The more levels you add, the more restricted the item becomes. If you are restricting an item for an npc you are creating (or your current player character) you will know all the required info:


In the item you can restrict the following:


Race (e.g. Only elves can use this item)

Class (e.g. Only Rangers can use this item)

Kit (e.g. Only Bounty Hunters can use this item)

Stat: Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis and Cha can be restricted by the value the cre trying to use the item has. So if i put 12, 12, 12,12, 12, 12 then no creature in the game with any stat less than 12 can use the item (even if they meet the other criteria (e.g. of being an elven bounty hunter). If you match the stat scores near or at the scores of your npc then the likelyhood of meeting another creature/character with the exact same or higher stats and race/class/kit are fairly low.

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