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timescales; creatures


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People who are playtesting: it would be very helpful if you could post here with some sort of estimate of how long you think it'll take you to finish playing. (I'm thinking about timing for a full release). Obviously I'm not going to hold you to it, but an indication would be great.


On a different note, I haven't really got much impression so far as to how well demons, illithids and beholders seem to be fighting. All impressions welcomed...

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I regret I can't unfortunately provide much feedback as I had hoped because of objective incompatibilities that I have found while running SCS II on my BGT installation.


I can positively say that such problems are not related to SCS II but rather to other Mods that I have installed with it. I have tried to report some of these problems to their competent forum (UB, BGT) but so far I could not get any help.


For the little I could play SCS II though, it worked perfectly well and all the bugs at installation had been promptly fixed, with the exception for some WeiDu warnings that might be just minor issues.


I am really sorry I could not be as helpful as I would have liked, DavidW.


At the same time I am thankful that you had several other good betatesters that are doing a good job.

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I have major RL stuff going on, so my playtest is on hold. Honestly don't know when I'll be able to delve back in. Love playing it when I can get a little in here and there, though. It's just drips and drabs right now, I'm afraid.


Not a problem at all. Hope you sort things out ok.

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