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Progress update - 25/06/04


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Just thought I'd let you know that work has actually begun on brand new content for the mod! For the moment I'm concentrating on kits, and I hope to have all the new ranger and bard kits done by the end of the month (a total of 16!). Andyr should be finishing off the thief kits in the not-too distant future as well, including the first of his "special" kits (how they're "special" you'll have to wait to find out ;)).


Item creation is soon to take a big first step forward, as Corradun is planning to send us a new ToB store full to the brim with new items. Some of them sound rather excellent, so I personnally can't wait to try them out ;).


I'm planning to work on a few spells once the ranger and bard kits are out the way, some of which will be unique to certain NPCs. For example, in pnp Red Wizards have an entire repetoire of rare spells, but our old friend Edwin doesn't have a single one of them. I think it's time to fix that.


What of all the new quests and NPCs? Well, Andy'rs Elai is coming along well, and I finally seem to have gotten the hang of WeiDU (as several recent releases should reveal), so Kivan no longer seems very far off either. The quests are on the back burner for the time being, but this isn't because they're a low priority. In fact, it's precisely the opposite; we want to get all the other stuff out the way so we can give them the attention they deserve.

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Additionally, I have been keeping this under wraps until I can reveal it and be sure that I can implement most of these spells properly, but since I have created and tested a few of these successfully, here goes. I plan to release a wildmage spell pack as well. Hopefully, this will make the wildmage a more fun and attractive character to play. Perhaps I will also add a few more wildmage opponents into the game. The only one I can think of is that Githyanki wildmage at the end of SOA that attacks you if you have the Silver Sword.

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Are you planning to release LoI in bits here and there or are you planning to make one large release?


Regarding Edwin's spells, perhaps we should sort it out. After all, I started making such plans back at TeamBG, but never got around to develop it more/implement it. Perhaps we ought to discuss it in PM's or something. Yeah.



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Kivan, Elai, and Cleric Remix can all technically be considered "bits" of Loi ;). There are a few other kits, items and spells that will get released seperately first, but the majority of the mod will all be in a single release. Who knows, maybe we'll make some LoI "bonus packs" afterwards too ;).


The plan is to include spells unique to the existing NPCs (I hope to give at least a couple to all the spellcasters) in the optional kits component, which as you know obviously won't be compatible with LC anyway. But if you want to share spells, I'm up for it :D.

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Hmm... I thought there was a post listing the planned components, but it doesn't seem to be there. Anyway, this is what we plan to do at the moment (note that the order, names, etc may well change):


Lands of Intrigue SoA


Quests, areas, new NPCs, items, etc. This component *must* be installed. It also includes various new enemy-only spells.



Lands of Intrigue ToB.


Same as above. Obviously you don't have to install this though.





Moonfruit and Tyrus's original mod, with fixes, improvements and various LoI-specific additions such as "Consequences".



New spells


Pretty much speaks for itself.



New kits, and character customization


As well as various new kits, this component lets you chose your character's deity (for rangers, druids and paladins; clerics are done via kit, obviously), druid branch/ranger terrain, and subrace.



Customize Bioware NPCs


Applies what we feel are appropriate kits, subraces, deities, etc to the existing Bioware crew.



Due to the way we're handling spell spheres, all the divine spellcasters will more than likely have to be in the same component - otherwise they'll get spells they're not supposed to. I suppose we could have kits for other classes as seperate components, but we don't want too much "component bloat" ;).

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Well, LoI plans kits as a seperate component, meaning that they don't do what I do ~ revise half of the game. If I wouldn't revise many of the creatures, I'd agree with that lot back there. It would take me months (and maybe even a year) to do the same thing LoI is doing.



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I just spend yesterday evening and a good part of today gathering (and editing) together an extremely large selection of 38x60 portraits for use in LoI. You can expect a lot of characters (new and old) to have portraits in this mod ;).

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