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Romance conflictees for Diriel


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I insert romance conflicts into all the romances, and the primary conflicts for Diriel are obviously Jaemal and Rizdaer. I am thinking though about 'secondary' ones to liven up the dialogues.


Salomeya has that "what, you don't acknowledge me as an elf?! I'll show you!" so she is probably going to get a few lines in;


I am also thinking that Nord might be another possibility, seeing he's a mentor, and Diriel is not exactly an ideal romantic partner from a fatherly pov. On the other hand, he doesn't mind Rizdaer, but Rizdaer at least has some common sense going for him....



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You don't need to have a maximum number of NPCs who object to Diriel's interest in the PC. I can see why several of them would. Salomeya because she's resentful, Nord because he's protective, Valeero because she opposes bigotry.




It might be more a question of who would approve of Diriel and the PC together. ;)

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I use 4 conflictees in all the other romances, but consistently throughout the first 5 talks. Maybe I can do it a bit different with Diriel, with the 2 primaries interjecting more cosnsitently, and the rest of the crowd would have interjected just once or something like that. Maybe it's a good solution without the obvious secondary interests.

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