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Allison (One-Day NPC) Released!


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Following the example of JC and friends, I've created my own One-Day NPC.


Allison is a true neutral druid who is somewhat playful and almost overly affectionate.



-Roughly two dozen new banters and two dozen new interjections!

-WeiDU installation

-Something that could pass as a quest if I had any idea what I wanted to make her quest.

-Hastily assembled readme

-All new epilogue!

-Only about seven hours of work!


If you are interested, you can download Allison here.

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Guest Guest
I don't know.  Weimer would probably call it a tactical game.

It is the main reason why I dislike certain parts of the Ascension and the tactics mod. ;)




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Apparently yesterday's versions had some typos on my part that were causing the installation of the mod to fail.


The new version that I just uploaded at the same link will fix that problem.

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